What You Blog is as important as How You Blog.

30 Aug

What You Blog is as important as How You Blog.

So you wanna blog and you need some advice? We got you covered. Blogging is great fun, great business, and extremely useful. So let’s break it down!

When you are starting a blog you probably have a theme, a concept. However going into the 8 word name flow is foolish. I’ve seen churches with long names, but not too many businesses. Quick, concise, and to the point will get you in front of more viewers. Clarity of mind as displayed in the title will give you a following you can’t fathom. Recap: small words, less words= great title.
The theme you choose has to be concise and clear. If you wanted to discuss the economic depression- break it into a series. Discuss the banks, the poor, the baby boomers. Make it a series. This will make clear concepts that people will read. Long, verbose, convoluted topics make people not want to read. They make people loathe your blog. They don’t want to mine for nuggets. They simply want the gold. So give it to them. Less bragadocio (spelling) and more fact.

Lay out is a big part of content. Don’t make it all centered. Stick to left alignment. People are used to it. Also when every sentence starts at an odd place you may lose reader.
Small paragraphs will also get you farther than you can imagine. Break concepts down.
Simple sentences also are easier for the mind to digest and don’t alienate readers who may think you are being egotistical.
Speak smart. Speak simple.

-Original content.
Always, always use original content.
Don’t use copyrighted images you are not licensed too. And don’t steal blogs you read. Inspiration is one thing, theft is another.


It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions.
-Jim Rohn

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