30 Aug


Okay people I’m going to cover some hard and fast rules that are often forgotten. Let me preface with a story.

So on facebook my brother and I get into some heated discussions with numerous people over politics, religion, ethnicity and more. And for a while it was great fun. Sharpening my debating skills and bantering with older professionals and what not. We even had some family and their friends in on our discourse. However sometimes things got rowdy. People cursed and berated. With zeal. Something I don’t condone. Long story short a family friend and I met more in the middle of these debates tan his brother and my brother who got more heated than needed. Neither of us yelled online in all caps or cursed and berated either which was nice. We also work in the same field so there was good common ground there as well. While not friends per say I enjoyed his point of view and manner of getting his points across

Fast forward two years and I’ve got a new boss at my job. Now I’m pumped because I thrive on change and challenge. Also from what I gleamed the new boss is cool and approachable. And I’m also one for proactive leadership so this seems like a great time to be at my job. Now my coworkers disagree but that’s a different article. Suffice it to say I get a message on facebook and its from my buddy. And he says ‘hey buddy how do you like your new boss? He’s my friend and had wonderful things to say about you.”

Now this was great! I found out my new boss is fond of me and approves of my performance. Much better than hearing that I’m a belligerent jerk. Or a lay around. Needless to say I work hard to be on point in anything I do and was pleased to hear this. From here let’s get into a few lesson points.

-Everyone is watching.
Yup people are always watching. Either to see you fail or because they are curious. Or because you are failing and they love watching the ship go down in flames.
People want to see things go wrong. Not all people but a lot. So give them a good show- Win all the time!
Other people are watching you to learn from you. Some people need a leader. So lead. And do it the right way. Let them know the right way by doing the right thing consistently. Lead by doing. Lastly, some people are watching because they see potential in you. Don’t disappoint them. They may be the client or the connection that takes you to your dreams.

Give it. All the time. That people have to earn it line is kind of nutty. Offer up respect at every opportunity. Ghandi, Martin Luther King- they didn’t curse, they didn’t spit. They were respectful in obtaining rights that were theirs to begin with. Do the same.
Leadership is setting the tone and doing it right. ALWAYS.

-Watch your tongue.
Cursing all over the place is horrid. It makes you seem the ogre. You look uncouth and actually, you are. Even when upset temper your speech. Don’t be a sailor swearing up and down the coastline. Don’t insult underlings or coworkers who make mistakes either. It won’t build your rep or get things done faster. Lead by treating others how you want to be treated. And skip the gossip. Leaders don’t do it. Period. And once you’re known as a gossip it will affect your business. People might like the gossip but don’t trust the gossiper and won’t buy your brand. Say nothing if you have to.

-How you say something is as important as what you say.
simple and to the point. Say it nicely, respectfully, tactfully. You get more done by how you say than what you say. Get people excited. Motivate them. I won’t belabor this point as its so clean.


“Your philosophy determines whether you will go for the disciplines or continue the errors.” -Jim Rohn

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