Get where you have to, Get There Now!

31 Aug

Get Where You have to, Get There NOW.

Sorry folks tonight is going to be abbreviated. Life moves fast and I won’t waste time tonight either. Let’s get to the main course asap. A good steak doesn’t take days and neither will I.

-Tomorrow waits for no one.
Sorry my friends but action is life. When you wait for an opportunity you lose. The opportunities are there- FIND THEM. You have to be vocal, you have to be on the prowl. If not you lose. Jordan, #23- he made his window work. Will you?

When you have it you’re winning. When you don’t- GET IT. Momentum will literally carry you from venture to venture. Link small and large positive movements together until you have a solid six or five figure income. Why list sixth before fifth?
Because why aim for $10,000?
Go for $100,001. That’s a key number. Don’t meet your expectations- SMASH THEM!
Momentum is a strategic advantage-use it.

Fear will cripple you.
Let me repeat that- Fear will cripple you.
A lot of times life gives us a window. And the only task required is to take action. The problem is people are so scared to win they lose. And guess what- I’m equally guilty. Let’s get to the top together. I used to let fear kill me. Forget crippling- it was murderous. Now I use fear to motivate me. It makes me smarter, faster, stronger.
Fear can make u weak or strong- it is simply a choice. What will you choose?


“You will be what you put into this life.” Tony
“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.” — Zig Ziglar

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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