Complacency, Distraction, and other Devils

20 Oct

Complacency, Distraction, and other Devils.

So life is a mess!- for average folks.
No. I’ll rephrase that. People who want average things or put out average effort end up in a mess. I know a few devils that I let hold me back and I’m going to discuss them here so we can all learn together. Complacency, Distraction, and

Complacency is a robber. It is called a valid contentment by some but I think that’s malarkey. Complacency robbed me a few years ago. You see I got a great job with the city. Benefits galore, great hours, room for advancement, free tuition and good pay.
Pretty cool right? Wrong. I went into that job with dreams of an LLC and making moves. I didn’t follow through though. I got comfortable in my steady check. When I was a freelancer I was looking to make money not take a check. And I had to suffer a major setback to move forward again. Now I’ve kept my job, I won’t lie. I love it. Also I’m no longer complacent. Seeing what awaits me is kindle for my fire. It sets me in motion, gets me amped. I may even retire from my job- but I will have independent wealth regardless. In my last three ventures I’ve made money or value. I learned great skills too but even better- like I said, I made $$$. And I did it for me. By me. My sweat and tears and team building yielded fruit. And guess what, it only happened when I decided making good money wasn’t enough. It happened when I decided that short hours weren’t enough. What’s holding you back?

When you become distracted from your goals, from your drive for success- you lose. ever watch a batter who is at bat? He has to tune the world out. That pitch comes fast. It comes hard. And he has to get it to achieve. Ted Williams used distractions to increase focus. The press and their irritation’s fed him. He used it. Sadly most people don’t. If your friends want your time, your family wants your time, the xbox, or PS3- RUN! When you aren’t focused on your main goal you won’t make it. Just quit. Everybody has excuses to avoid success don’t be everybody. Be the best. The cream rises to the top. The people want leadership. The losers want distractions. Lead don’t follow. Books not Television.
Get the gist?

Please folks- keep your paperwork in order. Being lazy, or messy never ends well for a business owner. Taxes, expenses, lodging- get the software if you have to. LAZY is not cool!


“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary”.
-Jim Rohn

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