We Accept What We Think We Deserve

19 Oct

We Accept What We Think We Deserve.

Simple. Wrong. Frustratingly Factual.
Its kind of upsetting folks that this one thought process ruins lives and dreams systematically.

-Accepting less than you deserve.
In life you deserve the best. No questions asked. The question is will you accept that?
Will you accept the blessings and responsibilities that come with it?
Your Mindset will literally predict your income and success levels. When we tell ourselves we deserve nothing- WE GET NOTHING! Simple as that. I can predict a prospect or students fiscal trajectory with a few questions. And the less they expect out of life and out of themselves the less income they will generate. The less mental wealth they will accrue.
To get to the top you have to first believe you actually belong there. If you don’t, well you don’t. A champion first believed that they were already champions, it was only a matter of time and commitment. Nothing else. Ever hear doctors tell sick patients that a positive outlook literally effects them? It does. What is your mindset?
Are you willing to accept that you are amazing? That you deserve it all?
Don’t forget the responsibilities of greatness. To whom much is given much is required. When you reach your zenith you must give back. Others must be shown the same path. This will reward both your heart and your wallet. Pretty cool I say.

-Playing small.
Playing small serves no purpose.
No one was made to be nothing- pardon the double negative, it’s intentional. Greatness is destiny. There is unlimited potential in all of us. Reach for it. When you achieve build off of it. Every achievement is a stepping stone. as such you must continually progress to being greater than you are today. Your tomorrows don’t belong to you so make them amazing for others and you will in turn be amazing. Be a wellspring of true greatness.

-Manifest your success.
The easiest way to break this down is that its exactly what it sounds like. Only you have the ability to create your success. You may come from wealth, or have a huge family company- irrelevant. And I know a lot of people will argue me on this but my position is simple: you are only successful by your OWN hand. What you create, design, or maintain. How many lottery winners aren’t broke 5 years after they win? Heck 2 years creates a path of tragedy that for some even culminates in suicide. How sad that is. Some people inherit vast empires and run them into the ground ruining that which their forefathers sweated for. You see what you don’t have equity in you don’t value. As this works out in my head means only one thing: you make yourself what you are. Statistics would label me a failure based on generic acquired data. To put it another way an unacceptable percentage of males in my position, sex, race, etc fail at life. Yet I never accepted failure as an option. I have had numerous pitfalls and I myself have been the author of my disaster at times- and I always bounced back. Deep in my heart there is a fear of failure. But there is a bigger fear of not being me. And I’ve always wanted to be the best or amongst the best. I want to win. I meditate on thriving and not surviving (#thriveorsurvive).


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