5 Nov


So I harp a lot on Focus. Without focus we are prone to failure. Focus can make or break you though. Focus channeled incorrectly, will in all probability
Kill your business, dreams, and entrepreneurial spirit faster than you can imagine.
And the biggest case of Wrong Focus is simply focusing on

Activity is merely motion. But misdirected motion achieves nothing. Imagine a baseball player, a major leaguer swinging wild. Like every pitch is whatever. Ugh! Jeter gets paid for skill. Ted Williams, Jordan, even Steve Jobs- these are all men who Focused on more than simply creating motion. To get motion only, that’s great for husky guys like me in the gym. We sweat and that works lol. But in my business I can run a muck and just hope that enough action will equate victory. Nope. See boxing. Boxers need to learn the opponents. They don’t just throw punches. Now back to Steve Jobs. As he was a quick innovator in the last. Decade of his life he didn’t just flood the market with crap. There is a story that he carried an early iphone around for two weeks and then flipped because the screen scratched too easy. He wasn’t worried about quick turn around. To sum it up you have to be more than action. You don’t just go to work, you go and give your all. Running in place creates action but gets you nowhere

Productivity is the goal, the dream, the honey pot. Truly productive people make moves all day. Even when they are asleep they move forward. There is never a loss.
Productivity is staying on task and meeting deadlines. Ever seen a jerk union member? He doesn’t meet deadlines he pads his overtime. Jerk. A good union worker meets deadlines. He’s on time ready to work and create. He isn’t a dredge, he’s a cog in the machine who realizes he is integral to the projects completion.
Another example- Your Savings. So you have 50 large in the bank, but PJ Morgan only gives a .25% interest that is than taxed super heavy comparative to the gains. That money was safe but you were essentially treading water. Not smart. Make that money work. Invest it. If not in a fund et al- in yourself. Live your dreams. Incorporate, manage, and build an empire. Be more than a grunt. Be a Captain. Life is handed to those who work. Not those who coast.
Productivity can be merely managerial. A site manager on a house flip keeps momentum in their favor. That’s important.
Your EYE being on the ball is everything. You can do more with les activity if you have a focus.
To achieve this folks- back to basics.

That’s it. And constant communication.
I’m not going to speak on this more.
You’re proactive or you are on the sidelines.
Its your choice. You can focus on motion or control motion to a cohesive end.


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