3 Things Really Smart People Do

3 Jan

3 Things Really Smart People Do

You want to be the King. The Boss. The Best. Well it takes steps. And we have discussed the need for discipline and practice before so today we are going to come at being brutally efficient- aka the Boss from a different angle.

Start Early.
Even kings rise with the roosters. Why? You can’t conquer the day starting at noon.
My job starts at 7:45am and I liked getting up at 7am. And I can do it, no question. But it stinks. I’m rushing and have to move fast. Ugh. I know get up about 15 minutes earlier and in 2 weeks it will be about 30 minutes earlier. The goal is to get up at 6:15am. Why?
-So I have extra time for responding to emails and opt-ins.
-So I’m not rushing.
-So I can get everything ready for my family with a leisurely pace. How you start is how you end. Imagine starting your day with prayer, meditation, yoga, or a quick read- sounds like heaven. And I’m not trying to push any religion or mindsets on you but getting in to a calm, cool, collected groove benefits everyone.
As to why I’m upping the time in increments- easy. It makes sense. When you bite off more than you can chew you quit sooner. I set 3 day goals for myself mostly. Not 30 days. Why you ask again? It takes the pressure off. And builds small successes.
Look at football, they play to control yards. Then quarters of the game. Everything on the path to success revolves around small ‘focus-centric’ steps.

Do what you hate most, FIRST.
I hate returning phone calls. Hate it.
And I’m a people person!
So what do I do first chance? Call the people I’m supposed to. Con Edison, Cable, opt-ins, new team members, the irs- doesn’t matter. I make the calls as early as possible.
If you hate the doctor’s office go as soon as the new year begins. Make it your mission to begin new with conquering. Make it synonymous. If you start your day with whatever you dislike you can not only breath a sigh of relief but build on your successes faster. Also if that which you dread is done first the rest of the day can be spent on growth and or business building.

Exercise and Sleep.
Everyone needs a lot of both. How can you push your body to its limit without exercise?
You can’t leverage your health if its irrelevant to you. Build your body with the fervor of building your contact list. You can’t do marathon meetings if your body won’t run the marathon.
Next sleep folks- a lot. 8 hours is a minimum. Not a maximum. Rest helps you think clearer, function better, and burn more calories. So that image you guard is winning too. Also the reason to work harder is to have more. Well you can’t do more with less so have enough sleep to get it all done. Now at times you may lose sleep. But when you lose sleep for television, booze, or video games- you dishonor yourself. Your body is a temple. Treat it as such.


“Mastering others is strength.
Mastering yourself is true power.”
Lao Tzu.

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