The Power In Setting Goals

4 Jan

The Power In Setting Goals

Setting Goals is perhaps the single most powerful thing you can do to change your business for the better. And Now. Setting Goals is an immediate process if you choose it to be.

Going with the flow is too easy.
Stop following the status quo. Be an originator. Don’t hang with your friends. Don’t do the bosses laundry all your life.
Set a goal for yourself to be the best. As in expect the most from yourself. When you have large goals, medium goals, and small
goals you have established you end up with a framework for greatness. This let’s you reach a higher caliber exponentially. It isn’t always about having easy and hard tasks. Its the aforementioned framework you have created that will catapult you to greatness.
So when friends and coworkers have a plan that involves fun, or goofing off- say bye. Don’t be a jerk- by all means be well mannered- but the time management set into the framework (see how key it is?) of your goals must be followed.

Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Decisions.
Every day of your life you make decisions- what paths you take truly are up to you. When you decide to be nothing you are nothing. When you decide to stop your current modus operandi and move towards success- guess what happens?
Every action has a reaction so if you don’t choose to control the former you run the risk of being at the mercy of the latter.
While being incredibly fair and equal most people don’t see it that way. They blame the company, the wife, the weather. Anything. However I can attest to this-
As long as I work harder I earn harder.
As long as I put my business first it grows first.
A key correlation: when I don’t blog consistently- I lose major traffic. Now for my secondary blog its about quality content. I will miss many days without question. But it becomes irrelevant. With this blog I have to hit hard and often. People come to me for answers and I in turn provide said answers or go get them. That is the decision I made. And it has paid off grandly.
What decisions are you making?
What will you give up to be great?
What trade off is worth true greatness?
Only you know.
Be great.

Remember every goal….
Every goal costs you something. Even freedom isn’t free. The price you pay is letting go of who you are to be who you imagine. To accomplish a goal the first thing you must. sacrifice is your right to make excuses. I keep learning that when you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way and when you don’t you’ll find an excuse.


“Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy.” -Jim Rohn

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