The Mayans Were Wrong But The Fiscal Cliff was only postponed

5 Jan

The Mayans Were Wrong But The Fiscal Cliff was only Postponed

We went over the cliff- technically. Accept it. Don’t buy the news channel shenanigans. Everyone breathed relief for about 5 minutes then went back to their favorite tv show. Not to malign the masses but if we don’t look out for our well being who will. I don’t care if you are a dem, rep, con, gop, etc, etc. You can never trust anyone to make your life better than you can.
In the gym I won’t ask for a spot from a weaker guy/gal. Also I won’t ask for a spot if I’m not reasonably sure I can lift the weight.
Lesson here: you don’t go heavy if you can’t go heavy. Its that simple. The treasury, The Fed, everyone wielding power has a vested interest in winning. Don’t you too?
We ALL do.
However most people are concerned with the Kardashians and or the sports page.

So back to the cliff. We have about 2 months. Roughly 60 days to get to a place where we all win. But that won’t happen.
Does anyone realize that our taxes have gone up from obamacare?
Everyone’s, in every brackets.
Then the social security went up. Its been down for a few years but this was bad. We got a few hundred bucks per person every check- but that money wasn’t meant for now. It was meant to hold social security up. Now some people will sell social security as an entitlement but if you look it up- you paid into it. It is your money.. I’m not anti government- by no means.
I love our country. I love the last three presidents. But we have to be personally responsible. We have to vote and invest from that mindset. I don’t plan to rely on social security- but I know millions do.
That being said many are about to get hit every check. I won’t blame Obama. But I will challenge you to do more. To be more.
Knowing your expenditures are going up no matter what you cut- do you have a plan?
You should.
I do. I’ve cut expenses and even moved in the last year in anticipation of being ready for all the tax raises I might face. I own my own business but still want to maximize my deductions while increasing my income.
Do you see how that can help?
Spending less while making more will lead to a future you can embrace if not beat.
Meet me at the top my friends- we are all we have.


“A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.” -Suze Orman

“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.”
-Benjamin Franklin

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