Free House Flipping Course

11 Jan

You read it right folks-
Zero Cost House Flipping Course

Every day fortunes in real estate are made all around the country.
There is money to be made in every corner of the country. A simple system is the easiest way and what everyone dreams of.
Well, look no further for the truth.

If you watch tv or search the net you will find about 100 courses that are all considered reasonably priced. I saw one by a guy who ran his own company and even had a tv show and he was only charging $200 for a 3 day seminar.

Let me save everyone $200. To flip houses you first need to become a realtor so that you’re not paying someone 6% every time you sell a house.
Makes sense right? 6% times 8 flips @ an average of $100,000 grand. Adds up quick folks.
Next you need money- and lots of it.
To get these funds you either need perfect credit, or a rich family member. No one will lend you money if you’ve never flipped before. Sad but true facts. Risk vs reward is the formula.
And finally, you need to be in a market in which real estate is very expensive and in which people value their time more than their money. Only then can you gain enough value in the flipping process to make any real money. Locations include NY, Boston, DC, LA, SanFran, etc. Certain states and even counties do not qualify. Real estate prices and the abundance of cheap labor make new construction too affordable in these areas.

Moral of the story:
Know your goal,
Know your area, aka your market,
And make sure you are set up right to make moves.


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Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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