Super Tip For Frequent Bloggers

24 Feb

Include a lot of links in your blog posts?

Don’t want to waste characters and space?
Always better to say less right?

Concise is what they call that and I’ve got a great way to help you do that.

If you blog a lot from your smartphone then here is the fast way to shrink links without adding an app to do this.
I use my ubersocial app to shrink every link I have.
Simply put its fast, easy, and correct.
I go to my blackberry drop down menu, click uber tweet and paste the link. After that I scroll down to shrink url and viola it is done. After that I copy it and paste it where applicable.
Another nifty benefit of this is that I can write a tweet then and there that is perfectly tailored and I’m not wasting any effort.

One last trick: Hyperlinks in ms word.
Copy a pic and paste it in microsoft word and then right click on the image.
Scroll down to edit hyperlink and from there put the links you want that pic to direct to.
Simple. Direct. Factual.

Get at me with your thoughts.


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