Silver, Physical Wealth, and Beating Inflation

29 Jul

Silver, Physical Wealth, and Beating Inflation.

How does silver tie in with inflation? Simple. Physical wealth is the best way to beat inflation.
That’s right beat inflation.
Everyone says that Gold is a great way to hedge inflation. And I’m sure it is.
But I don’t want to simply survive economic collapse, booms, ups, downs, inflation, deflation, and or stagnation.
I’m more interested in beating inflation.
And silver is a treat that is in short demand globally.
The global supply is shrinking exponentially and quite a few countries are in hoard mode already.
You see silver isn’t just pretty. It is still minted as currency and used in 1000s of electronic and machine related applications. So you see what silver does is solve problems in essence. It purifies water, conducts electricity better than any other metal and so on goes the list.
So when we realize that silver as a form of physical wealth is inherently sensible and extremely plausible there is only one conclusion to be had:

That collecting silver as a form of physical wealth will build our estate, beat inflation in the long run and is cost effective as well.

Cost effective?
Yes folks. An ounce of Gold costs the same as 50+ ounces of silver. At that rate you are literally hoarding physical wealth without the creepy guy next door behavior.
Don’t want the bullion pictured?

Then Numismatics may be your cup of tea. Sealed, graded, and kept from the elements- numismatic silver can be a great form of physical wealth as well.

Numismatics can appreciate rather well to boot folks. Some have value to collectors that will seem unrealistic. But the market dictates the terms, and supply and demand dictate value. At any given time any product will be worth what the market is willing to pay for it. And quite a few numismatic silver coins that have been kept pristine have exceeded the wildest dreams of their owners. One coin, that is only a .999 troy ounce of silver went for 34,000 give or take $100.00.
Amazingly real. Amazingly factual.
Physical wealth is a great hedge against inflation.
Silver collecting is a great hobby you can enjoy with the kids or spouse as well.

Now your banker and or investment advisor will always tell you to diversify.
Diversify, Diversify, Diversify, Diversify.
It keeps you safe. It protects your interests, it saves you money.
Yeah. Sure.
And folks that can work. And at times it does work. I won’t lie or malign the financial institutions. I’m simply pointing out what works for me. What I feel safe with.
I have a retirement account.
I trade stocks.
And I invest in Silver aka Physical Wealth.

Will I beat the market?
I sure as hell hope so!

Will I beat inflation?
Only time will tell but I am confident that I will.

Folks I’m not a licensed financial advisor.
I am licensed in many fields such as life insurance, etc.
However I am not giving you advise or financial planning. The above is simply to let you know what I do. Consider this an OpEd- you know like when the times let’s an economist or ex politician rant sensibly.
Yup that’s what this is. My educated guess at how I might make money. At the time of this writing I am also not invested in any stock that were you to buy it I’d make a profit.
So folks go for the gusto- and the below quote- well that’s the Olympics.
And me- I just love Silver and Physical Wealth.


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

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Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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