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Wealth From Another Perspective

9 Feb

This is what wealth looks like.

Not used to this right?
Seems odd, counter intuitive right?

Not exactly.
While not a precious metal, copper is still up 300% over the last decade (give or take- do your own research folks).

As an extremely useful metal it has vast industrial applications and some people believe it is both a store of wealth and a hedge against inflation.
What does Copper mean for you?

What should you do?

That is up to you.

This post was merely to show you what 3lbs of copper looks like.
What wealth can look like.
What options may be available for you.

Hey maybe you just like collection metals.
Maybe you like diversified investments.
Maybe you think I’m an idiot.
Heck, there is always a chance you are right! -And I’m the uber fool.

Either way.
This short article is just to get you thinking folks.

Silver, Physical Wealth, and Beating Inflation

29 Jul

Silver, Physical Wealth, and Beating Inflation.

How does silver tie in with inflation? Simple. Physical wealth is the best way to beat inflation.
That’s right beat inflation.
Everyone says that Gold is a great way to hedge inflation. And I’m sure it is.
But I don’t want to simply survive economic collapse, booms, ups, downs, inflation, deflation, and or stagnation.
I’m more interested in beating inflation.
And silver is a treat that is in short demand globally.
The global supply is shrinking exponentially and quite a few countries are in hoard mode already.
You see silver isn’t just pretty. It is still minted as currency and used in 1000s of electronic and machine related applications. So you see what silver does is solve problems in essence. It purifies water, conducts electricity better than any other metal and so on goes the list.
So when we realize that silver as a form of physical wealth is inherently sensible and extremely plausible there is only one conclusion to be had:

That collecting silver as a form of physical wealth will build our estate, beat inflation in the long run and is cost effective as well.

Cost effective?
Yes folks. An ounce of Gold costs the same as 50+ ounces of silver. At that rate you are literally hoarding physical wealth without the creepy guy next door behavior.
Don’t want the bullion pictured?

Then Numismatics may be your cup of tea. Sealed, graded, and kept from the elements- numismatic silver can be a great form of physical wealth as well.

Numismatics can appreciate rather well to boot folks. Some have value to collectors that will seem unrealistic. But the market dictates the terms, and supply and demand dictate value. At any given time any product will be worth what the market is willing to pay for it. And quite a few numismatic silver coins that have been kept pristine have exceeded the wildest dreams of their owners. One coin, that is only a .999 troy ounce of silver went for 34,000 give or take $100.00.
Amazingly real. Amazingly factual.
Physical wealth is a great hedge against inflation.
Silver collecting is a great hobby you can enjoy with the kids or spouse as well.

Now your banker and or investment advisor will always tell you to diversify.
Diversify, Diversify, Diversify, Diversify.
It keeps you safe. It protects your interests, it saves you money.
Yeah. Sure.
And folks that can work. And at times it does work. I won’t lie or malign the financial institutions. I’m simply pointing out what works for me. What I feel safe with.
I have a retirement account.
I trade stocks.
And I invest in Silver aka Physical Wealth.

Will I beat the market?
I sure as hell hope so!

Will I beat inflation?
Only time will tell but I am confident that I will.

Folks I’m not a licensed financial advisor.
I am licensed in many fields such as life insurance, etc.
However I am not giving you advise or financial planning. The above is simply to let you know what I do. Consider this an OpEd- you know like when the times let’s an economist or ex politician rant sensibly.
Yup that’s what this is. My educated guess at how I might make money. At the time of this writing I am also not invested in any stock that were you to buy it I’d make a profit.
So folks go for the gusto- and the below quote- well that’s the Olympics.
And me- I just love Silver and Physical Wealth.


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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Entrepreneurial Freedom Or Slavery

12 May

These days life is nuts!
Inflation goes up we pay,
Deflation kicks in we pay,
Or we are told we will and the sky is falling, falling!
What is an entrepreneur to do?!
Heck, what is a regular joe to do?!

There seems to be no way out. Its debt or excess taxes right?
You make more money by getting a second job and they tax the excrement out of you. And then come April you get hit again probably because you jumped a tax bracket. So frustrating! I know folks. I’ve been there. Heck, me and the wife live there- our income is too high versus our expenses. So Uncle Sam comes in at night and picks my pocket.

Now when it comes to the flip side of debt- we are being crushed as Americans. Not to smash the rest of the world but I live in America so I focus on my situation.
Now as I was saying, americans have now passed a trillion dollars collectively of educational debt alone. That’s money spent to make your position in life better. So you have this great plan to make money- but it is based on a foundational bedrock of debt.
By the way you can’t expel that debt.
So you have a higher income now. You are a doctor. Doctors when I was young had Benzes. These days they drive Toyota Prius’. Sorry but that’s disgusting. Saving the planet is admirable but what was the 225,000 in debt and 15 years of school for?
I want to be at the top and live at the top folks.
And doctors can’t say they will live there anymore. Payments and reimbursements are getting cut to pieces and Obamacare isn’t even in full effect yet. No slam on Obama there, but 30 million ppl added to the system means more checks cut from the same bundle.
I don’t even save aggressively folks- I cut debt as fast as I can afford to.

So what does the average joe do?

I say you choose a job or build your empire.
Life is too short to work for someone else for 40 years.

I remember when my Father’s boss shut down his shop. My father and his coworkers kept the place open and worked independently. They made Jewelry for Cartier, Tiffany’s, and private clientele. And for a few years it worked. The economics of jewelry changed and a lot of people were taking 50-60% less than my father charged as an artisan. The end result was he went to work for the hospital system. The union was good to him as were the benefits. But he had no freedom. And his income was limited. Dependable but limited.
He is about to retire now as he is turning 66. A good man and a great worker.
But did he milk the system?
I don’t mean cheat- by no means do I mean to take advantage.
But he did not let his unique skill set earn him a grand living.

So I ask you who read my articles-
Is that what you want?

Seeing the freedom he had as an entrepreneur made an indelible mark on me. I always wanted to make my own money, be my own boss.
And now that I’m in my 30’s I see that life is either slavery or freedom. My day job is my master. I have to do what the boss says even if he is wrong.
Even if he is ignorant despite being certified and having numerous diplomas.
How do I stomach this?
I have a plan.
I mind my own business. When I punch out I’m all Tony. I’m making dollars or creating avenues to make income while I’m at my day job. And once I make the required dollar amount to retire my wife, I will throw a party.
Then, at that party, I will declare a new timeline to reach the next goal on a specified timeline to free myself as well.

To sum it up folks- build your business. No one will want more for you than you do.
Mlm, life insurance, commission sales-
I don’t care what you do- but do something!

That’s it folks. Not a lot of advice here but a real story from a real man who has worked from the age of 11 and wants not just the best for me, but the best for all of you as well.


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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We’re Going Over the Cliff, Ready?

28 Dec

We’re Going Over the Cliff, Ready?

So the Great Recession is on and by most accounts raging.
What’s next. Some say food shortages. I’m not sure but I know we all need a plan.
Are you ready?

Step 1: Take a fiscal inventory.
Everyone needs to know where they are at.
Get out a pen and a pad and write out all the debt you have and add it all up.
Next see what you make. Look at your last stub for the year and see what you made after taxes for that pay period and the year as a whole.
Your next step is to see what you spend on living expenses. Don’t include your discretionary spending. List that separately.
Once you have all these numbers worked out sit back and look at them. See if you are being foolish or fiscally fervent aka spending correctly. I’m not saying don’t have fun, just budget it in. Don’t be that guy we all know who spends all that’s left after paying his bills and saving that paltry 25 bucks a month. The odds are if you’re that guy you probably transfer that money back to your checking the day after the bank transfers it. Sounds slick to the spender, sounds like slavery to the fiscally efficient.

You have to make a choice. Decide where your values and dreams lie.
Money isn’t everything but poverty sucks. More to the point security is a better feeling and longer lasting. Anyone reading this blog on a smartphone has disposable income. The question I ask you is why dispose of it?

Step 2: Invest, save, or make more.
If you haven’t wandered away yet you probably have found at least a kernel of truth in my words. As someone who was quite the fiduciary fool in days not too far past I learned my lesson the hard way. If I could impart any wisdom it would simply be have a strategy. Let your money make money. And a favorite quote many haven’t heard: Pay you first.. Every dollar should be viewed as a soldier to get you ahead not a party animal to get you a good time with. You can easily invest in something. Not sure? Get an advisor- but do your homework. Many will have you invest in what pays them the greater commission. I personally use forms of life insurance and physical silver currently as my vehicles to grow my wealth. For me it works. For you it may not. But the silver I collect, especially the numsimatic coins, are pretty cool. These graded, sealed .999 silver coins look good and appreciate well. They are my favorite. Junk silver is pretty cool as well but we will get into that in a later article.
Next I say save a few bucks in saving. Start at 3% of every checks take home. It isn’t much but it will work. Look into what tax advantageous plans your job may offer or even your state.
When else else fails, and when it all works-
WORK MORE. there is no harm in earning extra cash. Blog for money, work security, anything. Heck see if you can work at The Gap. I worked there on and off for years and I not only got a good check and good hours I augmented my wardrobe and saved a lot on gifts for others.
Find the mode that fits you but be ready for the fiscal cliff. Even if I’m wrong deflation or inflation are on the horizons. And let’s say I’m wrong across the board- isn’t more money going to benefit you in the long run?
Heck it’ll benefit all of us today.


“Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don’t have any problems, you don’t get any seeds.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

“Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.” ~ Mark Twain

Life is like a photography, we develop from the negatives.

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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