Small Goals Win Wars

23 Aug

Small Goals Win Wars.
That’s right folks. You don’t win the war by Conquering the country.
You take one port at a time.
You take one fortress at a time.
Bridge by bridge, city by city- small goals always win wars.

And so now you are saying, hey Tony why are you talking of war when we need more teachings on how to make money and be successful?
Well folks because the same lessons apply to business.

To win over clients, you have to be relentless but not ruthless.

How you ask?
Small Goals.
That’s it.
You need more leads?
Make your social media influence bigger one day at a time.
Aim to make 5 new friends on twitter a month. That’s it. 5. Let them be targeted people. Those who want a business. Who have a dream.
Apply the same logic to Facebook.
Have tumblr or other forms of blogs and social interaction? Mirror your activities on those sites.

Everyday, every week, every month should have a set goal.

In week 1 add a few followers on twitter and facebook.

In week 2 add followers in tumblr and foursquare.

In week 3 make sure they opt-in to your offerings.

In week 4 make sure you send them amazing content. Content that vastly supersedes that previous weeks.

In this manner you create attainable goals and content matter that reaches people.
Effective material and attainable goals don’t only make you money.
They have the benefit of providing a clear and easy path for all recruits/ and or partners.
What you can do, your team should be able to do.
I don’t care if you’re a team of 1- you need a plan that everyone can duplicate.

After the social media goals,
Repeat the same formula with your sales goals.
And then with your conversion goals.
Remember some people are only 1 time sales.
And some people are great conversions that build a dream along side you.
Lead a team. Build a dream.

Do it incrementally.

He who knows the enemy and himself will never in a hundred battles be at risk….(Sun-Tzu; The Art of War. Fourth Century B.C)


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

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Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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