Forget the New Year! Blast Forward Now!

8 Dec

Everyone seems to get hyped for the holiday season.

Gifts, good times, family and friends- its a great way to end a year.

And then as a habit most people make a habit of setting new goals for the new year. And this magical timing is believed to add momentum and increase gains, further success, and lead to the best you ever.

I call foul.

I’m not waiting for the New Year-
Neither should You.

And hey I’m the first guy to keep it real-
I made money this year, good side money.
And I still didn’t meet my goal.
I had health issues, work issues, and family health issues.
A lot of set backs. Big ones.
And I still made money. It’s kind of crazy but I did.
And it may not have been huge money, but it was in a way.
I made money in 5 minutes that usually takes me a few hours. So when you do the time ratios I came out thousands ahead for every dollar I took in.
And then I repeated these sales.
Not just to other customers, but I had a few repeat sales- a healthy amount actually.
But I missed my goal.

I also ran for an elected position and clinched it. It took two tries due to some malarkey from my opponents- but I triumphed.

A bunch of my investments also did well.

Planning pays off folks.
However I didn’t meet my goal(s).

Life is short and success is fleeting.
I did good but not good enough.

And as such my message is Forget the New Year!
I will beg borrow steal, fight claw and bite until I do better.
I still have my day job and my businesses.
As well as some new ventures I stumbled into.
Did I stretch myself too thin?
Not at all.
I went where the income was.
And it was worth it.
My gains almost exclusively came from two simple re-directs.
Am I proud? Heck yeah!
Am I disappointed? Of course.

All this said to make my final point:
When I make moves they work.

And so the only choice left is to make more moves.
And make them faster.

And as such I have dedicated the month of December to Greatness- My Greatness..
I have made my weight goals, sale goals, and other goals in the last 8 days alone.
And I bet I will make at least the same amount of sales I have since August in this same limited time frame.

Watch Please-


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

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Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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