The Power of Leverage

17 Dec

Everyone wants to be rich.

Now before you tell me your fairy tale story or your lack of desire for material wealth-
Bro you wouldn’t be reading my blog if you weren’t trying to get ahead (forgive my double negative).

While writing this I just collected double checks, met a physical goal, and completed further training for a current leadership goal.

How does all that apply?
Stick with me for a minute, I’ll get there.

Leverage is simply put me- or you- getting multiple returns off of one moment or example of effort. So if one blog post sells 3 affiliate products= Leverage.
In my case I was able to have one previous customer come back and bring 2 new back to back sales in less than 24 hours. While in the gym meeting goals I got an email requesting work and another email confirming payment
for service.

Not only that- I was in the gym the next day and had the same cycle repeat itself-while in a weekend training!

It was pretty sweet.

Overall the lesson here besides my happiness at achieving my goals through focus is simply that I turned 1 sale into 7.
And I did it by leveraging other’s work and also quality work on my part.
I was able to deliver quality- and that quality sold more product then I could.
People come back when they get good service.
And sales beget sales.
Every person I was able to service, and then promise a percentage- with them knowing the quality- considers coming back.
To the tune of 84%.
That’s a hefty return on my investment.
Think about it.


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

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Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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