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5 Little-Known iPhone and iPad Apps for Startups

13 Nov

5 Little-Known iPhone and iPad Apps for Startups

Being a small business owner can be trying.  Times are tight, the economy is dreary, and you have to make every dollar stretch.  To add to the general mayhem you have all the day to day tasks of accounting, management, sales tracking and administrative needs on your shoulders.  Find this daunting?  Well I’ve got 5 iOS apps to make you more efficient.

Invoice2Go: This app lets you create invoices and estimates on your iPad and even your iPhone. You can make one complete list of all billable items and store them cohesively. Perhaps you might prefer the Receipts2go plugin to bill for items that are specific only to certain jobs or accounts. To top it all off your completed invoices can be printed right from the app or emailed if you are so inclined.

You can get three free invoices and after that its about 25.00 bucks a year for a 100 invoices.  By the way, you can even see your financials at a glance with this app.


Docusign Ink: No more printing and scanning with this app. Sign all sorts of documents electronically and save time you can use your phone or devices camera to take a picture of relevant documents or upload from a cloud drive- cool right?  Docusign Ink even converts documents easily so you drag and drop your signature. Simply save and send to complete the process.

Client forgot to sign? No problem, simply have them sign vial email. The catch is simple: unlimited documents can be signed for free.  However there is a limit of five additional signatories. After that they will ask you to purchase a plan starting at 15.00 bucks a month.

FYI- Doucsign Ink is also available on Android.

 Bento 4 for iPad: A recently redesigned personal database app that helps you present and organize data. What makes Bento 4 stand out from the crowd is that it allows you to combine tables and text fields with images by simply drag and dropping utilizing one of the 40 free templates.  Highly useful in multistep projects or sales meetings, Bento is quite versatile. With a price tag of 9.99 your wallet doesn’t get beat up either.

Concur: An organizational tool/app for frequent travelers. Manage your itinerary, book hotel rooms, check airline reservations. Concur is also great for tracking your expenses on the go.  Input information by hand, or use e-receipts. You can also scan receipts. Trips over? Concur will combine all the info into one cohesive expense report.  While the app is free on iPad and iPhone you will need to link it to a desktop Concur account.  This however is 8.00 bucks per person, per month.  A little more than some want to spend but a great report, and it’s a tax deduction I’d bet (See your CPA for that info though).  Concur is also available on Android for my so inclined cohorts.

Delivery Status Touch: Move a lot of merchandise? Delivery Status Touch can help keep track of them. 4.99, gets you an app that works directly with all of the major delivery companies/services and automatically gets information from Amazon, Apple and Google Checkout. As soon as a package is added it will appear on the the home screen. After that point you can track the progress of each and every package you have; coming or going.




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iPhone 5 is here, see the leaked photos here: http://t.co/6OrFdMu4

5 Aug



31 Jul

Everyone seems to have an ipad, heck some of you only shop apple. I’m taking mac air, iphone 4s, and the ever handy ipad. Steve Jobs may have set the bar but he also created a whirlwind of value and a few smart people seized the day. You see ipad and ipod et al after market products is over a billion dollar industry. That’s right the people not directly licensed by apple and or the products not sold in licensed retailers account for a billion plus dollars in sales.
So my friends let’s see what conclusions and lessons we can draw from this fantastic economic activity.

-See the opportunity.
When the ipod took the music world by storm people went ape. The price was irrelevant because people had what they wanted in hand. A product that was cool, sheik, useful and convenient. However the mass marketers and wholesalers who had a brain used this massive media and fan frenzy to line their pockets. Both low quality and high quality goods were churned out daily in a few different countries to feed the consumer greed and fad chasers lust for newer and better. Cases, workout sleeves, special headphones and even watch bands for certain ipod nanos stormed the market in a manner as epic as the taking of the city of troy. People saw and bought. And then bought some more. And as Apple keeps churning out that nifty product the aftermarket does too. Opportunity is staring you in the face- are you looking for it or coasting on your day job?

-You don’t need to have invented the wheel to feast on it.
Now a lot of these aftermarket products are loosely based on or directly copied from apple products and their licensed partners. However this stopped no one from creating competing consumer goods at a tenth of the price or a little more. The smart business men didn’t even create a product. They seized the moment and simply imported the product and tacked on a great enough percentage to fill their coffers and not tick off potential customers. Even 7Eleven got in on the deal selling products they didn’t own, license, or include in their aggressive marketing campaigns. Yet the products are there to catch the windfall of dollars. Are you catching yours?

-Create value.
Simply put make what they don’t know they NEED. People will buy anything if it solves problems, captures their attention or caters to a whim. The ipad was revolutionary in use size, scope- you name. People use them to fly planes, write novels, see cartoons and even manage small fortune 500 companies. You can just check your email too. But what Apple did here was create something that not only appealed to the masses but had an inherent value in many market places and careers. When you blog, or make cars or take photos at the knicks game if you don’t create something of value you are wasting time.
People don’t buy what is worthless.
People buy vintage not used.
People love innovation.
People hate wasted space.
People hate clutter in purses and backpacks- ipad solves many of these issues.
If you solved but one issue or create even a tiny bit of value you will see success you will have a fan base and a loyal customer base to boot.

-Capitalize on a niche market.
We have more or less covered this folks however I want to be clear.
Apple didn’t stop at computers.
Richard Branson has multiple businesses under one umbrella corporation.
Michael Jackson bought the Beatles rights.
In all three of these examples the victor did one thing he capitalized on a certain avenue or avenues. Branson did it over and over. Heck he still does it! Apple is taking television over sooner than we can expect. And Michael knew the Beatles were almost timeless and used his wealth to double down and added to his paychecks a lifetime of lifetimes in supplemental income. Always
Look for the niche market. What people won’t pay for is a phrasing away from Christmas pandemonium.
See it. Do it.


Action is the real measure of intelligence.
– Napoleon Hill #NapoleonHill #Success

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Image 17 Jun

F Apple

Video 18 May

iPad, apps unlocking communication with autistic students

iPads and apps have been integrated into special needs classrooms, unlocking the communication barrier with autistic students.

Image 30 Apr


1st gen nano recall!
(Click pic for link)

Dear iPod nano owner,
Apple has determined that, in very rare cases, the battery in the iPod nano
(1st generation) may overheat and pose a safety risk. Affected iPod nanos were sold between September 2005 and December 2006.
This issue has been traced to a single battery supplier that produced batteries with a manufacturing defect. While the possibility of an incident is rare, the likelihood increases as the battery ages.
Apple recommends that you stop using your iPod nano (1st gen) and follow the process noted below to order a replacement unit, free of charge.
Note: This battery issue is specific to the iPod nano (1st gen) and does not affect any other iPod.
Replacement Process
You may order a replacement unit via the web. Click
here to begin.
Your iPod nano serial number will be checked to verify that it is eligible for this program. You will receive a replacement unit approximately 6 weeks after we receive your current iPod nano (1st gen).
If you have a personalized iPod nano, you will receive a non-personalized replacement. Make sure to use iTunes to back up any data on your current iPod nano before sending it in for a replacement unit.
Additional Information
Identifying an iPod nano (1st gen):

It has a black or white plastic front and a silver metal back – later iPod nano models have a metal front and back.

If you need assistance with placing an order, please visit an
Apple Retail Store or an
Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) and bring your iPod nano with you for serial number validation.

Image 6 Mar

Steve jobs 2.0- now with wings.

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