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Saving for retirement isn’t enough. Protecting your nest egg is essential to secure your financial future over the long-term. Financial planners advise retirees and pre-retirees to look closely at their insurance coverage — to make sure there are no gaps — to protect assets they’ve spent a lifetime building. Yet many baby boomers, particularly the most affluent, are likely to be under-insured where it counts the most. According to a recent survey by ACE Private Risk Services, a division of the global insurer ACE Group, nearly all of the insurance agents and brokers surveyed said wealthy consumers were likely to be under-insured in at least one form of liability coverage, such as “umbrella liability coverage,” which guards against the threat of multimillion dollar lawsuits. About 86 percent of agents reported affluent clients had inadequate coverage to rebuild homes, which often represent a significant part of a retirees’ net worth. ——————————————————————————————— Quick thought: The advice and concepts make perfect sense and we should all take time to analyze our current insurance policies and whether we need more or less. Lesson learned: I refinanced my lease to a buy.  The dealership informed that Geico would most likely lower my rate if requested.  Sounds great right? Wrong.  I was to save a whopping thirty dollars per term, two terms to a year.  BUT, Geico would cut my coverage my half!  So the math: $30 dollars x 2 terms= $60. Divide by 12 months and I save a princely sum of $5 dollars a month. Coverage is cut 50%, savings are equivalent to one happy meal a month. RIDICULOUS!!!!! Another way to combat this issue would simply be to create a second income stream that was residual and direct. Would a side project suit you?  Would two to five thousand dollars a month change your life? Would it buy you breathing room?  I’d wager it would.  Lets talk or click the bitly link. http://bit.ly/zDqDaE @changeinadvance changeinadvance@gmail.com or simply comment on this post 

25 Apr

REVIEW YOUR INSURANCE RISK(Via Cnbc.com and commentary by the CEO of Change In Advance

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Truth-sad thing is ppl root for the greedy bums to fail but if they do another to big bank will gulp them down, scoop them up- whatever you wish to call it- and the self perpetuating cycle continues- DAMN b!

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