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Follow the Leader

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Young Buck Got Evicted!!

Young Buck is in SERIOUS trouble — the rapper has been evicted from his Tennessee mansion … AND the I.R.S is still on his ass for more than $300k in unpaid taxes. TMZ has learned … the former G-Unit rapper was ordered to vacate his 5,000 square foot home by May 16th. The details surrounding the eviction are unclear — however, court docs show the judge in Buck’s  bankruptcy case signed off on the sale of the house … and ordered that the proceeds go towards paying off his massive $333,975.69 debt to Uncle Sam. Sources tell us … the rapper — who bought the house in 2004 — was spotted earlier this week carrying boxes and removing all of his stuff from the residence.It’s just the latest in a sad series of problems for the rapper … who filed for bankruptcy back in 2010 … and was SHOT AT 11 TIMES back in March.


Forbes Releases its Annual List of Hip hop’s Cash Cows for 2012. Check the list below:Forbes Top 5 List is Below:1. Sean “Diddy” Combs – $550 Million2. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter – $460 Million3. Andre “Dr. Dre” Young – $270 Million4. Bryan “Birdman” Williams – $125 Million5. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson -$100 Million Earlier this week I posted the billionaire list from Forbes.  This is the list of hip hops closest.  In effect they are still in second place, aka the first losers.  Now I’m being a jerk and poking a little fun but I sincerely respect their hustle.  And you can hate hip hop, hate their pasts’- but you cant deny that it took hard work to get where hey are today.  And of course some luck.  But I’ve quoted many people here in this blog who have made it and its a consistent theme, progress, stardom, fame, it all works out when you put in the effort.  Everyone who got their ‘lucky break’ on this list put the work in.  Jay-z had a business plan from the beginning. Smart man.  When they began a corporate pursuit they put their designs on paper.  Diddy danced his way up from the bottom.  From back up dancer to MEga star and Entrepreneur extraordinaire the man put in many hours. I could list accolades and my lists of what worked for them as i see it and every writer from Rolling Stone to XXL, but you get the point.  Success Requires Work.      

17 Apr

Forbes Releases its Annual List of Hip hop’s Cash Cows for 2012. Who Do YOU Think Will be Hip-Hop’s First Billionaire??

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Nas – Another Black Girl Lost (by JmtsuJun1or)

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Mobb Deep breaking up over Twitter? Havoc seems to be bashing partner Prodigy with nasty posts  – NY Daily News

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(via Biggie and Tupac | Watch the Documentary Film Free Online | SnagFilms)

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Jeru The Damaja – Come Clean




9 Feb

New R&B Mixtape!!!

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Evolution of the White Rapper.
Ill prob get some heat for this

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Male Informant Emerges in Mac Dre Murder Case.
(Via vladtv)

“It’s not often young Niggas get a chance to enjoy riches in legitimate fashion So many of us say Fuck it get a bucket and run up in something and keep smashing It’s all about survival but jealous rivals make it hard for us to do this So everybody got a gun but when we was younger our only weapon was our two fists Now who missed the first lesson in life don’t be no punk If you a man have heart be a savage whether you sober or drunk I seen Niggas in the Pin getting their Ass dug out over some hop or a pack of Camels But that’s the game home boy and every move you make is a gamble, Them squares don’t under stand so it takes Niggas like me to explain , I show vengeance violence and hatred because underneath it’s so much pain I ain’t no sissy or punk so don’t trip when you see me crying A Nigga just hella mad his partners is dead and his folks keep on dying My enemys feel the same way they want me dead they think I’m the Nigga that put they partner 6 feet under and left his son with no father figure I live day by day not giving a FUCK and when they ask me why I pause for a minute then I reply because lifes a BITCH and then you Die” -MAC DRE

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