What is a Sales Funnel?

24 May

What is a sales funnel?

Simply put: A sales funnel is a step by step process to turn cold leads into your warm market.

A sales funnel is a simple internet tool ( usually) that converts ppl from casual web surfers to leads. And we all know the name of the game in any business is growth. And Growth is partners, affiliates, customers and so forth.

A good sales funnel will lead to your blog using: Videos, article marketing etc- to drive traffic down to your lead capture page.
These items may all be incorporated into your blog or, or- into your one page sales funnel.

Why do you want them to get there? To add them to your email/contact list. You don’t just want them to buy one product or engage in one post or one affiliate opp. No. You want a lasting relationship and a list that grows exponentially.

A good sales funnel-
Gets their info into an auto responder- and now u build a relationship on auto-pilot and not being there all day on the phone or in the home. You can build multiple relationships on auto-pilot and still be authentic. Give them a piece of you and keep their interest.

Create interactions.
You have to get them in the game. Make them want your input, crave your responses to your images, videos, and so forth.

Send them to your various sites.
Get people to see your blogs, twitters, instagrams, and so on and so on. This will further interaction and foster greater connections.

After all that introduce them to your main venture.-  YOU ALWAYS BUILD BEFORE YOU SELL. Always lead with relationships and value. Create value. Be a friend. Teach them. Give away what others sell. Teach them and even if they don’t opt in now they will remember and your legacy will grow.

Work with your prospect until u get a YES or NO answer.

That’s it for tonight.

Remember value and consistency lead even though they follow the sales funnel.

Questions? Thoughts? Responses?
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