Are you budgeting (correctly)?

21 Jun

Are you budgeting (correctly)?

Now I’m sure most of my blog readers are used to my stupid questions. You see I don’t write for the savvy. I don’t even write for the lost. Most of the time I’m just writing to keep my mojo going. You see, writing keeps me. sharp. And the more I write the more my belief in ME grows. I’m building on my commitment. I refuse to fail. Most of you do too I’m sure. And so I ask-
Are YOU Budgeting Correctly?
Budgeting to most people involves rent, food, con ed, cable, and maybe car expenses. But if your venture is a home based business have you added that to your cost? You should. You have committed to wealth and freedom and this may be the most integral step.

-Budgeting is a daily experience.
Your budget is a living thing. It should be monitored and engaged daily. I would go so far as to suggest you look at it daily. I check my accounts daily to see what bills are pending, which are paid, and so forth. An additional benefit to this is unauthorized transactions are caught rapidly. Timing is everything with identity theft so being on top of spending will only help you.

-Budgeting is a lifelong process.
When you budget you should begin by listing all forms of income. Your next step is to list all your debts. Next calculate the values to see if you are in the red or if your in the black. You need to know this to gauge levels and create a start point in your budgeting plans. Savings, insurance, HMOs and so forth all have to be added to your deductions if you add to them monthly or bi-monthly.
Your saving account(s) and 401ks etc shouldn’t be touched but counted in your net worth. Remember establishing the baseline not only shows you the budget you need but gives you a framework that your venture can build from and then expand beyond your original vision to encompass an entire lifetime.

-Budgeting for life is only half the game.
You can’t simply budget for the regular occurrences. Life will throw you numerous curve balls. So why not work some cash into an emergency fund? Being ready is being smart. Nuff said.

-Budgeting for your business is Budgeting For Success.
If you have a budget already I salute you. If you don’t start one. It will help you immensely. Being aware of the factual numbers will give you peace of mind and a way to frame your needs and separate them from your wants. Work out what you must spend. Add in the amounts for savings, emergency funds and so forth. And enjoy the rest. Also make sure you tithe or give to charity. It ALWAYS builds your business better than you would imagine. BUT if you don’t budget for your business the rest is almost worthless. You wouldn’t open a McDonalds without cash right? So why would you start a venture, mlm, etc without expecting to put money into it. You have to spend money to make money. If you don’t want to- it won’t work. Just quit now. Seriously. If your business requires an auto-ship, and you are serious about it- budget for it. Don’t overdraw. Don’t grumble about a few less dollars for beer. Quit. If you refuse to fail- Awesome! Now budget for your success. The money you spend on a business or venture is an investment in yourself. It isn’t money down the drain. Its a physical and monetary commitment. Be proud of it.

Parting thought: are you dissatisfied with your autoship?
Your venture? Or yourself?
Think about that. You might not be an entrepreneur. Nothing wrong there. You might not like the product- find one you believe in then. But being your own boss, making your own hours, and never having to say no- I need that. And I bet you do too.


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