What Free is Costing You

9 Sep

What Free is Costing You.

A lot of people want freebies. If it aint free they aren’t interested. Double negative, I know. However when you show people the gains they would achieve, or the free time they will have- it is mocked or insulted.
My friends I’m going to dispel these myths.

-Free trainer.
Sorry folks the guy trying to train people for free is a pervert. He wants to touch people. Its funny to imagine the SNL skits this evokes- but its real. You get what you pay for. The guy who has needs fulfills needs. Remember that.

-Free School.
Sorry but I went to private school and it was awesome! Smaller classes. Teachers cared more and there was no real violence. I am in education but as an inner city kid turned educator, and a guy who went to both private school and a small college in Westchester I see the difference. Now we can’t all afford private school no problem. But I have friends a bit older than me and family as well who cry broke when it comes to their kids education and own 5 macs, and a bunch of LED tv’s. Or they have a Cadillac Escalade but won’t put the kiddies into a better educational environment. Sorry but its real.

-Free Products in an mlm and/or venture.
Sorry again my friends. Its just not sensible to expect to get a product for free. You bought the new Honda Accord? It wasn’t free. You get cable- It has never been free.
Why would you expect to get free products in a network marketing venture or any other? My brother sells medical supplies, and still pays for medical services. Fair right isn’t it? Exactly. A former teacher sells retirement plans- and this too seems to imply he will retire well. Wrong. He had to pay the same or more.
Nothing in life is free.
There is always a direct or associated cost.
Now as a network marketing or direct marketing veteran I know nothing is free. A current venture gives me the product free- but only when three people join and therein lies the key.
If I can’t find the three people who concur with me on what is worth my time, money,
And efforts I’m in the wrong place at the right time. Yup. That is said the way I mean it.

-Free training.
If you want to learn to be the boss you pay for it. The best teach the best- at a price. My mentor charges for his time. All of it. Now he has given me lots of freebie advice- however I have met him in the middle. I have bought his courses.
I have followed his growth.
I believe in his methods.
What you see right now is a direct result of our limited interactions. He has taught me a great deal. But I missed a lot not paying upfront. So I buckled down and bought the courses. I asked for his help and I paid the fees.
Lastly the lesson I learned was hard. I have a few free students I offered to train in an effort to build momentum. And it was a cool idea. And it kind of worked. The problem? One has made it and one isn’t doing the work. Now that could be luck of the draw.
I see something different. I read an article where the author stated that what is free isn’t highly esteemed. And she was right. People don’t value the free training. Same was a Bugatti is valued.
I valued my training at $25.00 an hour. And you know what? I found a few cool students at free and none at that price. I just found one today as write this article so I’m excited. Yet the learning curve is tremendous. More people have asked to learn and grow with me once the free period ended.
Get it folks?

“Earn and learn- the rest is worthless.”
-Tony, CEO http://www.Changeinadvance.com


Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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Want a mentor or maybe the guy who will bounce ideas back and forth with you?
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2 Responses to “What Free is Costing You”

  1. Frank September 10, 2012 at 7:19 am #

    No more free mentoring services I suppose.

    • changeinadvance September 10, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

      Only for those who sought me out in the first phase.
      However there will be opportunities in the near future.

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