Three Things You Should NeveR Buy

8 Sep

Three Things You Should Never Buy.

A horse as an investment.
Advice from someone who’s broke.
Leads when you can’t sell.

Short list. Not too much to think about. And yet an still it speaks volumes. Let’s work this thing out cohesively and as a group.

-A horse as an investment.
So not too applicable but bear wit me.
A lot of people get into a good thing and get some cash, a whole lot of cash. And the next thing you know they want to diversify.
So they get an IRA. Good stuff in most peoples opinions. Useful too if you know what you’re doing. So. Now the idea comes to you to invest in gold. So u buy some rare dubloons. Not bad, not good, I like silver personally, especially numismatics. Now you decide that a horse is a fine idea. Stately regal creatures that they are you figure it will be a center piece of your collection of wealth. And what’s better it will win races garnering you press, victories and maybe some winnings at the track! Awesome right?
Never invest in what you don’t have knowledge of. If you aren’t an equestrian already its probably a good idea to stick with what you know.
Never invest in something that is so costly.
A Horse needs lodging, food, a veterinarian, training, and so forth. Do you want to outlay these items costs on the hopes you will beat the equestrian world and their experience?
Sounds nutty right? Exactly. You fight the wars you can win. This is one you skip though my friends. Simply invest in what you know.

-Advice from someone who’s broke.
This is a huge downfall for many people. When you take stock tips from the guy who works for a wage in a small cubicle- 99% of the time he is wrong. Now he may be a new broker but most times he’s your friend in the cubicle next to yours. What does this mean? Simple. Its a sign your a fiduciary fool. No offense folks but when you take cheap or free advice from someone who doesn’t make a living from the advice he or she gives loss is imminent. Move on. I don’t take tax advice from my doctor. I may listen and ask questions, but I pay my CPA to ‘school’ me on this subject. I didn’t invest my extra money into stocks prior to 2008 as I didn’t think my coworkers and payroll secretary were smarter than I am. And I didn’t take the loss as a result.
I admit this was half luck. Okay 80% but I didn’t follow suit. I listened to that nag in my head- the one I call intuition. So my friends ignore the fools, skeptics, and friends. Everyone means well but your fiduciary health is your fault and your gain or loss. Aka- Guard your $$$$$!

-Leads when you can’t sell.
Sorry folks but this is a hard core fact akin to working out but not eating right. You get nowhere.
Now we have all been online and seen the cold call killers who can make you better than them. And the no close, no call, no contact closing gurus. Or the lead generator networks that promise you will make money and close people on autopilot. And at that it will be a robot piloting the autopilot. Amazing, easy, perfect!
Remember my article about Zeek Rewards?
Ever heard of Maddoff? Ponzi sound familiar? Now some people will make you better. And some companies will hone your skills until you are an amazing closer. And they may show you how to get leads. Now that works. But leads from nowhere are bogus. Also why would you want vague, unknown leads? Or why buy leads that you didn’t cultivate. You build a better team when you actually know your team. Leads aren’t numbers- they are PEOPLE. Treat them as such.
Another point, why would you want leads that are conceivably low quality? I want people that won’t join too easy. I want leads who WANT to join my team not a rich quick scheme. I need a strong team. A cohesive group of people who see value in me and want to commit to sharpening each other. Growth with a team is valuable. Cheap high turn over leads and opt-ins are worthless. Don’t buy leads, build teams.

*Last tip- NEVER tell yourself it’s too expensive. When you impose limits on your abilities or finances you have effectively crippled yourself. The mind and the heart when fed right will exceed your needs and expectations. You have to manifest your dreams by literally telling yourself what will be the outcome.
This isn’t a license to go bat crazy but you never want to limit your mind or heart. Aim beyond your goal but be mindful of all your actions. That dream car is 50 grand- build an empire and then reward yourself. Let the 1970 GTO be a goal, same for the Lambo.
Dream big, live big, work hard.


“It’s not the having, it’s the getting.”
-Charles Spurgeon

Looking forward to the emails this will generate. Side note: I truly relish the comments that you guys and gals send. Keep it coming folks.

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