Starting is Great, but Finishing is Better.

18 Sep

Starting is Great, but Finishing is Better.

In any venture no matter how big or small the key is always action.
I’m going to keep today’s article the same. Fast and complete.

Action is everything. And the sooner you make moves the better. One reason is your grand idea may come to another mogul as their great epiphany. And that mogul will know the secret to success is to simply ACT. That mogul will make a call, outline a plan, and layout the cash to get the dream to be a reality. And sadly folks your dream, your riches, your financial freedom is gone. Now you can get another idea off the ground, no doubt. I definitely believe you can and will be successful if you get it in gear. The loss here was that venture #1 could have bankrolled the 2nd venture. And thus you could have moved from a position of power not a position of need. Now inspiration can be found in desperation, no question. However you were there once. And on top of that my friends I think its simply lost revenue and lost family time. Life isn’t short, many of us just waste away time and in the end are running to make it up.
Act- Start fast, Make it work.
Move- make a call, create motion.
Talk- Tell everyone. Declare publicly your goal and stipulate a time frame the same day you act on your dream. These steps will put your feet to the fire and learn & earn.

Inaction is always you enemy. Great ideas that you don’t act upon are fools hopes’.
Yup, that’s what I call them, fools hopes’. A fool will come up with a great idea. He may be the next Michael Dell or Steve Jobs, but without action he is nothing. Now I know, I know we are all someone. And I agree with that. However, what we do with the time given us defines us. And being wealthy isn’t everything but the power it wields is. You can save lives through donations, give to the poor, lead and follow when necessary. Sadly though when we have to focus on fattening someone else’s paycheck we have less to offer the world around us. You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. Thus inaction is akin to being born with a debilitating disease that is overtly aggressive from the onset. Don’t be crippled by inaction. Do what you must and do it fast. If fear is crippling you, imagine what regret will taste like.

And here is the nitty gritty. Finishing is everything. You can’t finish what you don’t start. However, what you don’t finish hangs over your head like a barbershop pole. I’m a firm believe in a man exceeding his expectations and never saying I can’t.
I went to college and never finished. I also think college is a fiscal trap- but I will finish. Even as we speak I’ve made the steps to finish my degree and maybe even my juris doctorate. Why? Simple. I don’t leave things undone. I also write music. And I always finish the tracks I start. At one point of my collegiate journey I decided to write poetry as fast as I could short or long pieces, I made sure that they had an end not a stop point.
A separate lesson there is that burnout may occur, but plan ahead. Have a finite goal. And make sure the end fits the mission/task/goal.
In conclusion it is my firm belief that it is whether or not you finish and how you finish that will define you. Finishing will close deals, and build riches. Imagine you get to meet a billionaire who will mentor you and pay your expenses. You are excited, you are ready! He/she never calls to complete the deal. You are crushed. And that is what your family, friends, recruits and teammates feel when you don’t finish what you start. Your venture must be seen to fruition and beyond. It isn’t a game or a part time task. Want to fire your boss?
Want to spend 10 hours a day with your kids- finish what you start. I hate roller coasters. HATE THEM!! So the last time I went to great adventures I not only got on every ride my friends and family got on- I bought the pictures of me screaming like a baby and put them in my scrapbook. That is my dedication to myself. I started with fear and ended with a future. Join me at the finish line.


“Motive gets u started ambition keeps you going.” -Anon

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