Positivity and Resolve

23 Sep

Positivity and Resolve

There a are a million strategies and as many gurus to teach you how to be the best you.
We even have the new breed that say do you, f the people; these three steps…
Shameful isn’t it? Everyone wants cash for a few nuggets of advice that may or may not help target markets reach the pinnacle. Its all about the quick sales and cheap thrills. How fast can I hook you?
How quick will you order?
See they know that once you get sucked in by hype or legit goods you won’t want that money back. Even if you want a refund either pride will stop you or you will miss the deadline. You know that small script that tells you how little time you have and the services fees if you do return…

Well my friends I’ve got free and easy for you. And if that ain’t good enough there will be more where that came from!

Only two things are needed to get going and keep going.

-A Positive Mindset.
Mind set dictates results as much as surrounds if not more so. In life we have few choices we can’t control or influence. Get to the point: you are in charge. You dictate actions and outcome. What else needs to be said? Life is a stage a screen, and on it you can paint dreams or nightmares. The path you take is a result of your mind set. In your mind paint dynamic prose and superior visions. This one action will make you superior. What you believe you are you will be. Nuff said.

-The Resolve to Finish what you start
Fron Dictionary.com:
resolve[ ri-zolv ]
verb (used with object)
1. to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something): I have resolved that I shall live to the full.
Yup that’s it. Nothing else to it. Resolve makes it happen. Scared money don’t make no money- as my peoples say. Pardon the double negative but its so simple I’ll leave it as is.
Resolve is more than a mind set, its more than a moment.
Resolve is follow thru, it is belief. Its the mission, the answer, the outcome the everything. I’m sorry but I don’t think anything is achieved without resolve. Everyone starts something- few follow through.
Life requires a mind set that has the resolve to beat the odds. True resolve tells you to take Normandy.
True resolve tells you that you are the end all be all. No challengers. And even the few who do face harsh consequences. That’s resolve. You make moves and commit beyond failure until conquests are actionable during sleep!
There is nothing else to add there.
Let your resolve move you beyond destiny or it doesn’t exist!


“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” ― John C. Maxwell

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