Small Goals Lead to Big Dreams

22 Sep

Small Goals Lead to Big Dreams

In life a lot of game plans are pure horse pucket. You they are doo doo.
Get the drift?
You have to make your own plan. Your won time frame. Your own goals. And your own dreams. And a list of small goals will literally lead to Big Dreams materializing in your world.

-Small Dreams.
This is a big mistake. Always dream big. Want a car. Cool but a Fiat is nothing. Look for a Ferrari. Aim for two. There is a code of success and you may choose to ignore the code. A dream book is the key step in the code. Visualize big and you will be a BIG success. If your dreams are nothing- SO ARE YOU!!!

-Big dreams.
Big Dreams are the only things that breed success. They are the vehicle to the life you always wanted. When you want something big enough you will find a way. Nat Turner, Frederick Douglass wanted bigger than their lives offered them. Ghandi and Mandela wanted more than was set as their portion. And they all found ways. They gave and gave until their BIG. DREAM became realities. What we want we must fight for. We must see the big things. When we only see small problems and small wants we get nowhere. We may get something- but it ends up a big NOTHING. Is that what you want? Nope. Dream books help us materialize what we want to get. Where we want to go. They are a physical approach to seeing our truth. Because folks, you can say you’re all about the greater good but everyone has wants. And there is nothing wrong with wanting things. So Embrace IT!
Be who you are, ask for what you want! Get. what you deserve.

-Small Goals.
Small goals are the only method. If big dreams are the vehicle, then Small Goals are the fuel. To get everywhere I’ve gotten I use small goals. For example, these articles are done in small steps.
I get a concept. Work it out.
I get my outline worked out and redo it.
Then I write the article.
After that I edit it.
Lastly its posted and word is spread across
the internet to let people know my thoughts. You see these small goals pay off over the course of a day in simple, small units. And I love it.
Reaching my goal of a million dollars earned not by a job is the same.
I came up with a concept.
I work the concept.
I share it.
I create vast growth.
I repeat process.
I reap rewards.
In anything you do make it small goals to big dreams.
Want to bench 315 lbs on the flat bench? Start small and add 5 pounds every 3 weeks. Over the course of a year you will see massive gains.
Want to be Trump, Jobs, or Gates?
Same rule.
They started with an idea.
Then fleshed it out.
Then went steps farther to make it all real.

What do you want? What do you need? What will you dream?
Small goals are the key once you answer these questions.


“We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.”
― John C. Maxwell

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Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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