Our Thoughts Create Our World

2 Oct

Our Thoughts Create Our World

Not much to add there honestly. However its quite deep. Our thoughts make everything we do or receive materialize. Life is a series of actions yes, but our thoughts predate all our actions. And so I ask: What are YOU Thinking about?

What is your mindset?
Mine has been to have a business but not build it for years. I’ll admit it.
I wanted a business.
I wanted success.
I wanted the dream.
But my mindset dictated a minimal man. Oh I talked the talk and walked the walk- but I wasn’t making moves. Why you ask? Mindset. Mine was one of coasting. I’d take a first step, sometimes a second and then stop. Fear would set in. Or I’d get my paycheck from my union job and realize I wasn’t too hungry. My belly wasn’t quite empty. I was semi-full a little too often. Mindset when I worked freelance was that f a hungry cub, union work had made me into a gazelle. You see my thoughts had created safety out of my desire for a steady paycheck. No more. Now I want it all!

-Visualizing the end goal.
This is so integral I might call it breathing.
To win the race you have to visualize the victory. You have to see it to make it happen. Everyone says they are winners.
Everyone says they want it all. And yet and still at the end of the night they go to bed dreaming of nothing and only visualizing the rent, the car note, co-pays, and the other daily nonsense. Nonsense! Tony you are a jerk! No. Tony has the same bills, worries and needs. The difference: these items equal fuel for me. I see my cost basis as a starting point in earnings. I see the Lamborghini for sure, and I also see a life where con edison is my ally by supplying my electricity and not an enemy for charging me for it.

-Making the end goal materialize
Now that you know what you have to see in the minds eye- how the heck do you get it?!
Simple: steadfast dedication. Commitment.
Make your goal as simple and as regular as breathing. That’s it. And yes you will stumble. You will fail. However you can’t get it right without making moves. All of this starts in your mind. Let your thoughts be a compass. Thoughts can not only lead the way but create a future and blaze a path.
I promise what you think of is what you will get.
If you think you are a loser you will be.
If you think of only that one moment, that one moment that counts- you will succeed.
Bruce Jenner did this. When he won his gold medal he focused only on being better than he was. On only giving more that ne had ever given. To let that last sinew create magic. His thoughts were filled only with success. And for a dyslexic male he has triumphed beyond what he was destined for statistically.
Are you ready to commit?
Is your mind set on this one goal?
If your mind is set on creating destiny it will. If its set on mediocrity you will reap just that.
Let your world be your thoughts and your thoughts be your world.
Only let GREATNESS be your thoughts.


Bold enough to believe the impossible.


Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. -Willaim James

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