Find Your Rhythm (Find Your Fuels 3rd installment)

15 Oct

Find Your Rhythm.

Life moves fast. And odds are you are wasting a hefty amount of time not by being unproductive but by being off point. Ever notice that when you’re in the groove things work in an almost magical way. Your stars align, the trains on time, and the dry cleaner made your suit ever so crisp.
The secret here isn’t vitamins or magic incantations or mystical blessings.
It’s Finding Your Rhythm.

-Go With Your Gut.
At every turn their are options. You have to focus and learn to know without knowing. And no, I’m not a Jedi. What I am saying is that we all have an intuition. Intuition let’s you see what’s coming albeit not as clear as a picture. Intuition is what I consider to be my guiding light. It will show me many paths and usually in an order that precipitates growth, peace, or success. I’ve had my intuition show me danger and save me from it. Literally. I’ve met people who would bring me harm or rob me of my peace. And intuition has shown me out the gate that these people are poison. And so I avoided them. This is really important folks. Many people will disrupt your rhythm. In fact they may come into your life only to do just that. Many people thrive on bringing failure to others. And knowing to avoid them alone will bring you unparalleled success. This is essential when picking your team folks.
Intuition will help you feel what avenue to travel on the road to success. Ever worked a job you hated? And from the first day it felt wrong? There was a voice inside of you that knew this wasn’t right. At that point you were out of your rhythm. Not every dollar is a good dollar. And most jobs we take can be equated to slavery. Why you ask? Because even though you are paid you are suffering the whole time. Someone else is winning off of your efforts. For me I feel this a lot. I have a great job. Love it. However it isn’t what’s best for me. Rising to the top as an entrepreneur is. How do I know?
The idea brings me peace.
The idea has been there since critical thinking’s inception in my cranium.
And as my intelligence has grown so has my intuition. And both tell me its time to fly solo.

Lastly have you seen Dancing with the Stars? A lot of these people can’t dance. They have no rhythm. They are out of sync. And it shows. Do you see where you are out of sync? Are you aware you are off rhythm to the Beat of Life? Finding your rhythm will be akin to fresh air. It will be like enlightenment to a Buddhist I hope this last bit of imagery illustrates how important it is to Find Your Rhythm.


“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer

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