The Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Blog- Part #1

1 Dec

The Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Blog/b>

Everyone needs a blog. A great blog let’s people see what you and your company are about. So let’s make a strong list and get you on the right path. Here’s 5 quick tips.

A blog let’s visitors know you are on point..
Simple and easy folks. A blog will be a simple tool, almost a literary dialog that people can use to get to know you and your brand. They won’t buy products they don’t know. Show your expertise, let it speak for you. This will make them confident in spending both their time and money with you.

A Blog Builds More Traffic.
Sounds like heaven to many of my fellow entrepreneurs. It is real folks. If you blog regularly- and well- heck get it half right and you will draw the world of social media in. This will definitely bring more visitors to your sites. This can even add links to you from other sites, which brings the next point into focus.

Blog = SEO.
The more content you have on your site the better your chances of ranking much higher in Google search results for the keyword phrases Google will be looking for in anything you post. Every search engine is looking for pages that are specific, and from that viewpoint every post is a page. Ex: to rank in 90 different keyword phrases you need literally 90 separate posts. And each post/page has to be dedicated to a single concept aka keyword phrase.
You simply won’t rank well if you have about four pages. You know the typical spiel used: contact, about us, Meet the guy who….

Blog posts are link bait folks.
I’m pretty sure you all know that links from other sites to yours- aka inbound links and or backlinks are a key factor for getting higher results in your sites SERPs. Ill wager everyone also knows its hard to get a site to link from theirs to yours.
Most people won’t want to link to your home page, but you can lure them with great and useful content on your blog.
Lastly- when you see a good piece of content please include a link to that blog. The chance they return the favor rises astronomically.

A Blog is “Eats” For Social Media.
In the same way that you won’t rank well without blog posts its hard to get anyone anywhere to share your links on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ if you don’t blog consistently about interesting topics. Content and consistency in great blog posts will get people posting about your blog posts all over the social media world. Valuable Content gets shared throughout all Social Media. And don’t forget that all those social media links will help with your SEO. Both Bing and Google see the sharing of your posts as proof positive you are your site is considered valuable. And that will be used to rank your sites. Another bonus is you get more direct visitors from these social media links.

One last thought: these blog posts give you something to post on any and all of your social media accounts.
Hey folks even I run out of things to say some days.


“Do today what you want for your tomorrows.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki

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