Linkedin Tips and queues for Business

6 Dec

Linkedin Tips and queues for Business

A lot of people use Linkedin. A lot. To the tune of 187 million plus. So with these kind of numbers its obvious you need to be on Linkedin. As the premier business community online I can’t think of a better social media outlet for you to join.
That being said I’m going to break down a few tips here for my readers.

Let’s start with 10 words NOT to use on your Linkedin profile:
•Extensive Experience.
•Track Record.
•Problem Solving.
You wouldn’t say you were messy or irresponsible right? So stop using words that amount to nothing more than wasted space. Across seas these three word choices were found to be ditch-worthy as well:

These words sounded good on our resumes when we were young and the internet was in its infancy. However these days we have to get ahead-and fast. Scrub your Linkedin profile clean of these words. Get out in front of the ball folks. If you are recruiting, outsourcing, or just plain need help- you attract the best by being the best.
•Skip these two words/terms as well: Dynamic and Communication skills.

Now here’s a few way to make that Linked in Profile Irresistible:

Update your Photo.
Nothing works as well as a new photo. Just make sure its professional. Also not a group shot or blurry or that tee you don’t wear to work.

Update Your Summary as Well.
Change what’s there. Add the biggest accomplishment(s) for 2012. The Summary is the place to get the word out folks.
Didn’t do one before- DO IT NOW.

Showcase your Recent Volunteering Experience.
Actions speak louder than words folks. Let people see who you are when you aren’t in front of the camera. Haven’t volunteered much lately? Time to start. is a good place to check.

Build that skills list.
Time to change it folks. The Linkedin Skills Search Box will help you by narrowing down what you type in and showing you similar terms and how popular they or others are.
Edit that profile. And don’t forget to include those skills you used volunteering (see last post).

try the Endorsement Feature.
Linkedin has added a cool feature dubbed Endorsements. Use it to give a “thumbs up” to the exceptional people within your network. At your page bottom you will see faces by your skill list- well they gave you a thumb up too. Nice feeling right?

Follow a few new “thought leaders”
This new feature let’s you follow the executive thought leaders- think Henry Blodget. Their posts will show up on your page and will show you the big topics in the year to come.

I will add more Linkedin tips soon folks.


“The toughest thing about success is that you’ve got to keep on being a success.”
-Irving Berlin

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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