Work for Free to Learn Your Trade

8 Dec

Work for Free to Learn Your Trade

In the midst of this “great recession” many people are looking for new jobs or even part time jobs. However in this day and age many people are turning to collegiate endeavors in the hopes that it will open doors and move mountains.
In this day and age though experience trumps degrees. Paper is pointless in many fields. It is proving equally difficult to pay for these bundles of paper as well. A degree that costs you $40,000 with a 3% interest rate can be stifling with a modest income. With a meager one it’s agony. And for the unemployed it is more bad news and a faster ruined credit score for all parties.
I’m not saying college won’t work folks. I believe in education wholeheartedly. I don’t however believe in piling on debt. I have a sizeable chunk from my collegiate endeavors and while the time was worth it the debt was not.
So I’m here with a different idea:
Work for Free to Learn Your Trade

Doctors, plumbers, electricians and carpenters.
These fields are all in jeopardy of running dramatically low. Actually pilots in America are set for a vast deficit between the new mandates for incoming pilots and the required age limitations for outgoing ones.
Now to be a doctor or pilot requires more than just some free time a dedicated teacher. These careers require vast amounts of time, excess schooling beyond the 4 year program most of us accrue, and so forth.
The exodus into education has all depleted the pool of skilled labor in America. There won’t be enough plumbers, electricians, or carpenters within 20 years or sooner based on a growing pool of statistics. And without these men and women are infrastructure may suffer, but our daily lives will for sure.
Who will fix our homes, and small businesses? And there in lies a pool of opportunity. People there is money to be made. Having done this type of work before I find it both profitable and vastly fulfilling.
and if you can’t get in to the union trade schools try supplementing your learning by working for free. Go on or any site you find useful and put an add in the barter or job section. Someone will love the idea of free labor. You may just be a grunt but earn your lessons. I was cheap labor at first but over time I earned the trust and respect of the company owner and was taught many useful skills across all three fields. Home repair and renovation were my favorite and truth be told I’ve freelanced at it from time to time as well. There is both education and income to be made so seize the day folks. Volunteer. I even had a friend do Americorp and he learned skills. Also you develop your network this way. So there are nothing but wins in this opportunity.

Learn a new language.
As a bonus concept why not learn a new language? Did you know that Hispanics are sweeping the nation statistically? They are. And the employee or interview-ee who can field those calls and crush language barriers will be the winner hands down. Meet the employers needs before asked. Be the go to guy before he is needed. Anticipating trends in the market will make you vastly more valuable and equally employable.


“A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.”
― Shelby Foote

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