Mistakes, and Success

24 Dec

Habits, Mistakes, and Success

You can never make the same mistake twice.. because the second time you make it…. it’s not a mistake..it’s a choice….
-Quoted from Tony toca aka Djchamp the circuit troublemaker da voice of nj

Tonight I’ll be brief.
Life is a serious of decisions. And ultimately those decisions will make or break you.
Not trying to build the blog by heightening. importance but look around folks- one decision can change your life.

We all make them. We’re human. Normal right? Yes and no. There is no reason to make continuous mistakes a perfection will say. However I disagree. Mistakes are teachable moments; they are lessons learned. Everyone learns by making mistakes. Ever see a baby walk? They fall and fall and fall. Its the way they get it right. Do we really change that much folks?
nope.. While I aim for success and set high goals for myself and my business I know that I will stumble. I know I will learn and grow.

I also take stock of these mistakes and periodically list them so I can see if I’m making the same mistakes over and over. I’d highly suggest everyone does this. Its in essence an accountability list. Let this list of mistakes hold you to a relentless pursuit of greatness. It is never acceptable to fail continuously. It is however acceptable to make a plan and a methodology to move beyond problems. If you have read my previous articles then you know I’m a big fan of lists. I make a weekly to do list and often write out daily ones and even email myself other lists that are shorter.
These lists WORK. And in turn they will work even better for you when you put aside fear and face your shortcomings and mistakes. Another way to utilize these lists and make sure that you maximize your mistakes is to use an accountability buddy as well (another favorite tactic of mine).
Let someone see the lists you make.
Let someone know you want to succeed, you will slip up at times, and that failure is not an option.

It is my sincere belief that success is imminent when you battle mistakes head on. I’m not suggesting you are a fool. Or that you can’t do it. What I am suggesting you do is be proactive in utilizing every moment of your journey to be even greater. Mistakes are here to stay,no question about it- so why not make them a partner as opposed to an enemy?


Luck never made a man wise.  ~Seneca, Letters to Lucilius

Luck is when opportunity knocks and you answer.  ~Author Unknown

I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have. ~Coleman Cox

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