Winning Is A Habit, So Is Losing

23 Dec

Winning Is A Habit, So Is Losing.

It’s that simple. Not easy, but simple.
Everything in life requires work. Success is not a gift it is a habit.

The secret to your success is found in your daily habits.
What you do daily is exactly what you will be. Michael Jordan wasn’t a phenom from birth. He practiced, then practiced some more, and then worked at it more after the game. Derek Jeter came out of the Yankees farm system to rise to the title of captain. His love of the game and dedication ot constant improvement made him a leader amongst men. Clearly there is a correlation between actions and success.

What You Do You Become.
In life you are your actions. People who eat too much are obese. People who skip school don’t graduate. The guy who boozed it up, he still boozes. Enough of failure- Wayne Gretzky was relentless he became Hockey’s greatest by sheer action. He played the game. He took advice. He did it all. Ted Williams has one of the top batting averages in baseball. Why? He worked at it. He questioned pitchers to see what they did and how they saw the game. He got into the mind of his opponent. He read up. He practiced. He worked his butt off. Are you doing the same?

Who you Associate With You ARE.
I’m sorry for the harsh words to come- but if you roll with losers you are a loser quite literally. Your best friend smokes weed in his pops basement and talks about what he will do one day, rather than doing something- he’s losing. Your roommate works at Arby’s and thinks he will run the franchise- but he is late most shifts and the customers constantly complain about his lack of effort, yup he is the winner-NOT!
We can’t be more than what we aim to be. Ever see the Olympics? The best have to be vetted to be with the best. And from there the hard work only increases. Do you think that would work if they let slackers in?
Is your country inclined to win multiple Gold medals if just anyone can get on the team? Sorry it doesn’t work that way. Excellence breeds excellence. And excellence feeds off excellence. Indeed if you are even competing against losers I’d say you have lost already.
Back to Ted Williams. He did a variation on this. Ted let the reports who chased him fuel him. He fed their hatred and this became a tool to make him better. Even in using his adversaries he sought those who could challenge him. He didn’t focus on the nobodies. He didn’t deal with the guys who weren’t there every game- why? They weren’t serious. The writer who focuses on a topic is at every game, every event.
Life isn’t a past time and your passion shouldn’t be either.

You have to decide Simply whether you will Be a Winner or a Loser.


“I find the Harder I work the Luckier I am.”
-Thomas Jefferson

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