Got Goals? Porsche Makes Mine

29 Dec

Got Goals? Porsche Makes Mine

I’m going to be brief.
Goals make Dreams come true. Period.
When I was young I wanted to be rich. I wanted to have 10 million in the bank. But I had no goal just a selfish wish with no plan or goal. I wanted more for no reason. Fast.
Fast Forward a decade or so and my dream is now bigger, and goal focused. I want my own perpetually successful business. Heck make it three. After some failed attempts the path I’m on now is working.
My focused goals made it work for me.
I set aside time daily for my business and my mental growth. Those are the goals that
Make it work now. The Porsche isn’t gone. I’m still as in love with as I was the day the vp from my moms job gave us a ride in his 911. That backseat was small but I was amazed! And it was his commuter car!
Life can be grand when we apply ourselves in a dedicated fashion.

Why shouldn’t you expect MORE?
Heck why don’t you demand it.
Go out and get what you want. End the year by ushering in a new one filled with prosperity. Let your goals guard your mindset and be ambassadors for you as you march forward and seize 2013.

Lastly, Know that to gain _______ will require a sacrifice somewhere else.
Back to the Porsche. To have one my driving costs, aka insurance, maintenance, fuel will all rise dramatically. So I pay to play. Also to add that financial burden or blessing requires I create extra income not deplete my existing resources.
Use your mind to figure out your course of action. There is always a way. Go out and get that Porsche, lambo, brownstone, gated community home with the pool- you live your dream. Just let your goals get you there. And old fashoined hardwork. 😉


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