A Paycheck is Never Enough

30 Dec

A Paycheck is Never Enough

Money doesn’t fix your problems.
Money isn’t an answer, its merely a means to trading up toward your goals and dreams being realized. These seem like mixed concepts but bear with me.

A paycheck is not winning.
If you work for money you are losing. Hardcore. Unless you are in the top, let’s say 10% of the income bracket in our fine country you are precariously close to failure. If you are in the bottom 40% you may be already in what I call ‘failure to launch.’
It works like this: when you work for money you are losing. A large majority of folks on this continent are working for peanuts. I’m not here to argue for higher wages. What I am arguing for is that you expect more for your efforts. That doesn’t mean you storm corporate. It means you get to a higher plain. Demand more of yourself. I work hard at my day job. Real hard. And I play by the rules and do as I’m told. And in doing so I’ve earned trust and a little latitude. I’ve also been given more income. Great perk right lol. However I know this job can never be my everything. I want more. I need it. So I’ve had my own business in one shape or form since 2007. I’ve picked up new skills, joined mlm’s, worked with kids through NCLB, sold life insurance and become a licensed bouncer. All of these ventures except one made me money. Some still do actually. Also in doing my job I’ve learned great skills and been privy to great training that has made bouncing/security easier and made my resume for that line of work vastly grander.
Now all of that comes from the mindset that a paycheck is never enough.
We can’t simply work for money day in and day out and then die. Simple. Factual.
What’s your story?
What’s your motive?
Inspire people. Inspire yourself.
For you not to be more than a paycheck player is selfish. Expect more.
Live for more. Do more. Make the dollars you make work for you. Make your free time expansion time.
You need more than a paycheck.
You are more than a job.
Be everything you were made to be. Go beyond the money. Live the dream that is you-specific. Its that simple. Okay, you say Tony you jerk life isn’t that simple.
Fine you win. Enjoy that defeat.
Wow. Cuts deep right?
Its a mindset. Let yours be that there is a WAY- and You will Find it.
When you live and work for more than a paycheck you will be successful. You will be happy. Love your job? Already happy?
Fine. No problem.
One question- couldn’t you be more even in that thing you love?
I’ve found that the harder I work and apply myself at work and at my office- the greater success I’ve had. The more people I’ve helped. And the more abundance I’ve found. Aka my paycheck isn’t everything, and doesn’t have to be.


“For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work.” -J. Savitch

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