Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

31 Dec

Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

Simple and to the point. Not much for the last post of the year because I won’t belabor it. Stars can’t shine without darkness. Opposites make things work. My wife is my opposite in myriad ways. She’s math I’m english. She’s quiet I’m loud. But its a balance. But I wouldn’t have been blessed with her if I hadn’t gone through darkness.

Bad times make great people.
I was a jerk. And I was running a muck. And my train went off the track in early 2006. And I had to confront the darkness that I was in and the darkness I was in as I sat there in pain and anger. After I confronted the immediate situation I confronted my demons. And over six months transformed my mind and body. I put together my first book, shared my poetry in front of hundreds of people and moved forward in my life.
I was happy. I was honest with myself. Then I got my first car, a better position at work, and I went back to school. After that I made a commitment to my wife and we were married. All in about 9 months. My dark moved me forward. It shined me up- better said it polished me like a stone.
My dad was a jeweler and in his shop I remember the machine with the cream and little objects. What did it do? Made the diamonds shine. And I mean SHINE. I remember he would cut diamonds and etch gold to get it just right. He had to cut to shape to mold to make these rough items value show in such a way that they were unquestionable items of value, beauty, and
desirable by all means.
I remember when I started going to the gym. I was out of shape, husky and insecure with my prowess in the gym. Over time I got better. I took advice, made new friends and became the powerhouse I always wanted to be. Fast forward five years and I was back it after a wrist injury(remember the aforementioned darkness?). This time I got bigger and better. It was great. The lesson here folks is that you have to have a need, a want, and or a dark point from where you grow to be better than you are. From my darkness I’ve risen to have a level of comfort, peace of mind and self forgiveness I not only benefited from, but needed.
You gotta have bad times to know what good times are and where you are going.

You must help stars shine
You owe it the world and yourself to be the best you can. And from there to aid others in being their best. We are all worthy of greatness and called to it. When you don’t believe this and then act on it we all lose. At night we see all the stars not one. In unison they provide astounding views and in chorus they paint the night sky visually stunning. Ever been to Vermont? When you see the night spy without anything hindering it- it is truly majestic. And this occurs when we all work together.
Do you have a business?
Are you trying to recruit?
Build a team?
Worry about helping the people first. When you care for people, when you solve problems- you reap rewards. You change lives. Be helpful, Be successful.


Carried to an EXTREME
Becomes Elegance.

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