3 Feb

Latin Scientists

So I’ve been on this new journey- http://latinscientists.wordpress.com- building my new blog that will chronicle my journey into supplements and getting back in shape. I’m actually trying to be at competition level. Now I’m not saying I want to compete per say- but to just be average in the gym, or average in my physicality-
Life should be a journey towards excellence not a coast through it. Make moves, build a following, lead. Aint nothing wrong with 2nd place- if you wanna be a loser. Sorry folks but I hate not being at the top of MY game. It isn’t about competing with outsiders, its about beating every level you reach.
Anyway, as I’ve mentioned this to coworkers and friends I’ve been asked questions about my eating habits and what can and should be done for gains. Some people say I cheat by taking supplements. Some…

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