5 Feb

Set your blackberry email to check spelling before sending.

Professionalism is key. You are basically disgusting if you don’t accept preprogrammed, available help from RIM, now known as Blackberry.
Every email you send even in a casual setting should be proper. Spelling and grammar always count. A small mistake may be overlooked, but continuous errors insure you will pay a price.
However if you go into options in your message folder you will see a spell check option- set it to check emails before sending and then hit save. This will definitely help. Email is a viable resource so use it to your advantage.

Merge your blackberry’s inbox’s of all types.
Why have your different message types in more than one inbox? Put them all to go into one location.
Again go to options, then inbox management. Then check each box and click save. Now you have any and every message you might need in one convenient location.
Save time, and locate needed emails asap.

Bonus Tip: enable keyboard shortcuts in web by going to web browser options and enabling and saving said option.

Super Bonus Tip: The S key will take you to your saved messages once you are in your messages inbox. I save many messages at least for 90 days and I bet many of you do too.

And now the Super Duper Bonus Tip:
Alter your message delete timetable.
Go to your inbox and then to options.
From there go to Message Display and Actions. From there go to the bottom and click- Days to keep messages: Forever.
Now you choose what you keep or delete.
Pretty cool right?


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