11 Apr

The economy hit the crapper 5+ years ago.
You know it, I know it.
And no matter what occurs, or how the media portrays events and numbers that will likely, and consistently be revised lower. Now I’m not an alarmist, or a fool. I just have a talent for numbers when it comes to money.
Now I have my own strategy to weather the current economic challenges and most others that might occur. And I’m not going to pitch you or regale you with my tales of fiscal wizardry.

Instead I’ve got two rules to get you ahead in life.
Be On Time.
Be Better Than The Next Guy.
That’s it.

Be On Time.
You can’t lose if you’re never late.
You can not win if your always late.
Point, blank, period.
That’s life.
If you have a boss he won’t care. Excuses are for losers. How are you giving your all if you can’t be on time.
And I’ve heard it all folks, kids, sleepy, two jobs- its irrelevant.
The boss needs you in your spot now.
Not tomorrow. Be on time.
Now if you are the boss- Set The Example.
Lead my doing. When you slack they slack. And should you own the company, its your venture, your product, your baby- be the clock. Not on time the clock.
It’s a funny thing, the guy who gets their first, leaves last, and works the hardest usually wins.

Be Better Than The Next Guy.
It’s not good enough to be average.
Mediocre is not the new black. And though many people want to do less and get more they don’t realize that requires effort. You can get rich in less hours.
But you have to give more or sacrifice more. And usually its a healthy amount of both.
The guy who gets B’s gets it done. No question. I was a B student in my youth.
I was also highly distracted and unmotivated.
As I got older I gave more, tried harder. When I wanted 8 pack abs I got them by doing endless crunches and research. I had an expensive book on abs that taught me small techniques that changed my approach to ab workouts forever. When I wanted to bench 325 lbs on the flat bench I went at it with the zeal of a madman. Twice a week I worked chest. I ate better, varied my routine and worked harder and longer than all the guys who said that it was “too much weight.”
Yup. I won’t that round.
When I went back to college- I had a high gpa. My last transcripts states 3.98.
I don’t cheat, I don’t waste time.
I figured out what was needed and what would work and who my competition was and delivered better work in class and on paper.
And when I started blogging I set a few target goals and I’ve hit all but one.
A) That one goal was a long term one.
B) And that specific goal is on the horizon.
To sum it up- be the best.

No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
Let’s chat.
Need ideas?
Want to learn how to invite?
Let’s chat.
Want a mentor or maybe the guy who will bounce ideas back and forth with you?
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