14 Apr

Taxes are due tomorrow unless you filed already or have an extension filed as well.
Do your due diligence folks and be sure not to cheat.

Now Folks, if you have a legit business you need to work your deductions.
There are legal, healthy deductions the government allows for every business. Competitive, entrepreneurial growth is not only desired it is encouraged by the government.
Now let’s say you meet a potential client while at the local watering hole/hamburger spot. You can legally claim a % of that meal. But you want to make sure you have proof.
So you save the receipt for sure.
Most of my readers know to keep every receipt forever so that’s not a new concept.

Here’s the new concept:
Write the date, time, name and contact info on back of that receipt.
Now you have a great frame of reference for you and your CPA.

Want a Bonus tip:
Every time you get a business card from someone or a contact card- write their info and a first impression on the back.
Something like: Peter Parker, likes Silver coins, on a 1-10 his interest peaked at a 7.

See how simple this is?
How easy it can be to bulletproof
your taxes,
and recruiting?

The business victories aren’t found in sealing the deal. The details are where you find every victory.
Prep work, and follow through deliver a greater ROI in every business.
I don’t care what you sell, who you train, or what you blog- my two aforementioned rules will deliver. Guaranteed.


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
Let’s chat.
Need ideas?
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Let’s chat.
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