Your Best Isn’t Good Enough

13 Apr

Your Best Isn’t Good Enough.
No seriously.

Don’t be a coward.
Don’t say I’m putting you down.
Accept the truth.

Now I’m not being the prick you think I am. I’m trying to drive home a point.
My point is that you can’t make excuses. There is never a time your best is good enough.
Your everything is acceptable.

Now maybe I’m confusing you.
Let me clear this up a bit.
A lot of people will say they did their best. But what really is your best?
Is it that today you did a lot?
Almost made it your goal, but not quite…

You see most people will tell you they do their best day in and day out.
I call foul on the play.

If you are giving your best you will succeed. But only you know if you are giving your best.

I’ll do you one better: Aim for Excellence.

When excellence is your goal you will go beyond your best.
There will be no excuses.
Simple applied action.

Let your mindset be that failure is not an option.
That you will achieve relentlessly.

That my friends is how things are done.

The pursuit of excellence has to be just that- you, chasing the dream and living it as you do so.
No excuses. No “just your best”.
Nothing else except you killing it.


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

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