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20 to 30 Years to be Rich- I don’t think so. (And you Shouldn’t either)

4 Oct

20 to 30 Years to be Rich- I don’t think so.
(And you Shouldn’t either)

I was watching Coming to America earlier and one guy tells the other to work hard and in 20 or 30 years he Might have what the other guys.
Sorry folks I literally cringed. I was raised to have a great work ethic. I had my first job at 11 and loved it. My parents always worked to put us in better schools and in a home and out of the projects. This is no sob story, understand they lived the American dream for their kids. They made sure we had a leg up. And that was awesome.

Times have changed though.
I hate the idea of waiting 30 years. Hell 20 years is too long. The debate last night only proved this to me. Hang in there folks I’ll make sense of all this.

The concept of school, college, advanced degree,marriages, kids and then the excellent life is a farce. I wholeheartedly believe we were made to achieve and achieve rapidly. School is being sold as the key but a trillion dollars of debt may be suggesting otherwise. I went to college. And my job, my moxy, my business cunning and connections are not related or interconnected to a bachelors degree or advanced degree. Now these things work, I’m not knocking them. I’m merely saying there is more than one way to skin a cat (sorry Peta).

As for the debate the point I’m making is that money is to be made. Romney made loot. Obama cashed in heavy on the book deals and after he leaves the White House I guarantee his speaking engagements will be many and prosperous. See where I’m going. Both men made it to the top. They are both in the 1%. Different avenues but opportunities were made.
This is my intention as well. I will make my fortune. I’m laying my foundation now. I just want it faster. Do not misconstrue me as saying I’m better than these gentlemen, I’m simply saying I can’t wait much longer. I tried the traditional path and learned it won’t work for me. Not all horses are suitable for riding. Some are free spirits.
And while bound by the laws of economics, I know the markets are fickle and that there are always new opportunities. And I will find them.

Never let yourself be told how to get to the top.
Never let others deflate your dreams.
Never say I can’t.
Never be less than you are.
Make every action a moment of gain or of executable excellence.
Every step you take should be guided by a finite goal. If you want to be a teacher- follow the path.
You dream of owning a pawnshop-do it! Intern if you have too (Shout to the recent Heavy Hitters magazine!).
20 years is along time. 30 is worse. Make moves fast, thought out, but fast. When this is your modus operandi you will eat sleep and breathe success. And you will get there sooner. And isn’t that cool? More time to live and less time to work/slave.
Meet me at the finish line.


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