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#1 Tip to Get Wealthy Fast

16 Jun


So you want to get wealthy.

You wanna make the big bucks?! (Scarface movie voice)

Well I have a quick tip to get you there.
And it will cost you nothing.

Help one person every single day.

That’s it.
If every day you do something kind for at least one person you will find that your luck will change.
Karma you say?
Partly yes. But what really happens is you create a new mentality for yourself and
in giving you will receive.

Try it for 30 days and tell me what your results are.

20 to 30 Years to be Rich- I don’t think so. (And you Shouldn’t either)

4 Oct

20 to 30 Years to be Rich- I don’t think so.
(And you Shouldn’t either)

I was watching Coming to America earlier and one guy tells the other to work hard and in 20 or 30 years he Might have what the other guys.
Sorry folks I literally cringed. I was raised to have a great work ethic. I had my first job at 11 and loved it. My parents always worked to put us in better schools and in a home and out of the projects. This is no sob story, understand they lived the American dream for their kids. They made sure we had a leg up. And that was awesome.

Times have changed though.
I hate the idea of waiting 30 years. Hell 20 years is too long. The debate last night only proved this to me. Hang in there folks I’ll make sense of all this.

The concept of school, college, advanced degree,marriages, kids and then the excellent life is a farce. I wholeheartedly believe we were made to achieve and achieve rapidly. School is being sold as the key but a trillion dollars of debt may be suggesting otherwise. I went to college. And my job, my moxy, my business cunning and connections are not related or interconnected to a bachelors degree or advanced degree. Now these things work, I’m not knocking them. I’m merely saying there is more than one way to skin a cat (sorry Peta).

As for the debate the point I’m making is that money is to be made. Romney made loot. Obama cashed in heavy on the book deals and after he leaves the White House I guarantee his speaking engagements will be many and prosperous. See where I’m going. Both men made it to the top. They are both in the 1%. Different avenues but opportunities were made.
This is my intention as well. I will make my fortune. I’m laying my foundation now. I just want it faster. Do not misconstrue me as saying I’m better than these gentlemen, I’m simply saying I can’t wait much longer. I tried the traditional path and learned it won’t work for me. Not all horses are suitable for riding. Some are free spirits.
And while bound by the laws of economics, I know the markets are fickle and that there are always new opportunities. And I will find them.

Never let yourself be told how to get to the top.
Never let others deflate your dreams.
Never say I can’t.
Never be less than you are.
Make every action a moment of gain or of executable excellence.
Every step you take should be guided by a finite goal. If you want to be a teacher- follow the path.
You dream of owning a pawnshop-do it! Intern if you have too (Shout to the recent Heavy Hitters magazine!).
20 years is along time. 30 is worse. Make moves fast, thought out, but fast. When this is your modus operandi you will eat sleep and breathe success. And you will get there sooner. And isn’t that cool? More time to live and less time to work/slave.
Meet me at the finish line.


The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions. – Leonardo da Vinci

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
Let’s chat.
Need ideas?
Want to learn how to invite?
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Want a mentor or maybe the guy who will bounce ideas back and forth with you?
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What’s YOUR Conversion Rate?

18 Jun

What’s your Conversion rate?

So today I’m going to cover a simple topic that many people overlook: conversation rates.
Let’s back up though. John doe the 3rd has joined the billion dollar mlm and is excited. They not only have 200 millionaires but they are publicly traded. And to really sweeten the pot they offer a dividend to stock holders! He sees a clear path. And he is excited and focused.
He made his goal list.
He meditates every morning.
He has made a warm market list but not badgered them.
So my regular readers see the pattern developing I bet… Wink. Wink.
So John the 3rd is on the right path. And he recently signed 3, you three new partners in the third week since he signed on. Now that he has activated and put a partner under a partner (important step because it shows your partners that you are serious in getting them successful as well) he is soaring high. Next week nothing.
Week after. Nothing.
Next month the same.
So now John is feeling frustrated. A normal response we all feel when building progressively toward any goal.

John was even prudent enough to start a blog to lure passively and show his progression and a path others could relate to.
However John the 3rd spent all his time trying to hook his “fish”. And he forgot the true art isn’t just in reeling it in but in tracking his results. Let me break it down. We all sign some and lose some. Nature of the beast I call it. And as my mentor @Rayhigdon aka Ray Higdon reminded me its always a numbers game. So with that in mind we habe to analyze the numbers and factuals that lead us to each sale, new partner, recruit, or simple attendee.
What did you say?
who did you approach?
What didn’t you say?
Did your blog really sign them or did your spoken words?
Did being a master inviter seal the deal?
Are you more effective currently by getting them to your highest upline?
When you speak do they listen?
Are the sizzle calls your best feature?
Is your product viable?
Do you sell product or the dream?
Do you know the difference?

You see there is a lot that goes into building your business. You have to know your product- ALWAYS. You can’t sell what you don’t know. Be it the product or company- LEARN IT ALL.

You must know your weaknesses. Everyone focuses on strengths. I beg to differ. Know what you CAN’T DO so you don’t waste time. This eliminates focus killers. Then when you are of a singular focus you will win.

If you invite better than close- DO THAT. We can’t all be the top of the food chain. Yet if you can be second to none are you not better? And yes I don’t like second place- it is the first loser. But when you start from that position you can watch a winner- and LEARN what YOU need to do.

All of that aside though- if you focus on the why’s. You will learn. Study what is effective. In a venture I’ve embraced only but six months ago I learned that what is sold isn’t as important as why. With the data provided me I see what campaigns work and which ones don’t. I’ve learned what to say and what I SHOULDN’T have. You see the raw data will lead to success faster.

Lastly. Your conversion rate will also state your effective rate. With this number you will know if you talk to seven people and only sign one, how many it takes to get to ten- give up? The number is a minimum of 70. If you have a blog post that gets three out of five- that blog has a sixty percent, yes 60% success rate. So if the one with a two percent, aka 2% rate was your favorite- you now KNOW what isn’t working.
Remember in business we focus on the results ot we work for the boss.

Have you made your choice?
Will you do the research?
Are you committed to living the dream?
If so let’s compare notes.

“Its never possible until you get it done.”
-CEO of Change In Advance.

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
Let’s chat.
Need ideas?
Want to learn how to invite?
Let’s chat.
Want a mentor or maybe the guy who will bounce ideas back and forth with you?
Let’s chat.
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22 May

Broke is not beautiful.

Link 22 May

Broke is not beautiful.

3 Dec

The average self made millionaire in America has been bankrupt or close to bankrupt 3.2 times in the process of pursing his/her riches. FACT

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