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Image 15 Jun


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Image 4 May

And he said no more emo isht…

Image 4 May

And he said no more emo isht…

Video 18 Apr


“Subway Chicken” YouTube Video Angers MTA, Riders

Image 6 Feb

J. Cole Recalls Jay-Z’s Advice About Starting His Career | HipHopDX Mobile
(Click pic for article)

Image 27 Jan

Rap then and now. I wish it was then…

Image 26 Jan

You wasn’t with me in the chair! I mean gym…

Link 24 Jan

43 Thugs Arrested After Bragging About Murdering People On Facebook & Twitter

Image 10 Sep

$37,500? Oh hell no!!!

22yr old British rapper Tinie Tempah …dropped the gwap. And now his new song “Written In the Stars” has become a worldwide hit—-

I call bullshit on this!

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