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Monday Minute: Clear your cookies for better travel rates

7 Nov

Today’s tidbit is small but effective.

If you are trying to save money for your business and hit that all important conference there is a superb trick: erase the cookies on your computer.  Every time you search the Internet for flights and you go back and forth the sites leave cookies that are akin to place marks.  The problem is they also raise fairs unilaterally on your computer.

Check your computer options and delete these cookies and you will find a lower cost search. 

iPhone 5 is here, see the leaked photos here: http://t.co/6OrFdMu4

5 Aug


Image 9 Oct

The man who brought the Mac computer, iPod, iPhone and iPad to the world, is also leaving a fashion legacy, with sales of his signature black mock turtleneck spiking in the days since his death from cancer on Wednesday at age 56

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