Its not the car its the driver.

21 Jul

Its not the car its the driver.

True story: I once raced an Audi A8 in an 86 camry- the 4 cylinder at that. And I won.
I know most of you are laughing or logging off your laptops and ipads in sheer disgust at such a boast but let me tell my story.
So its the last light before the west side highway and the guy next to me in the A8 was sneering at my hoopti (low cost, no frills car). So I tapped the gas petal perhaps too aggressively and he replied in kind. When the light went green he was gone. Off the line he left me looking limp with no cialis in sight. However about a half mile up when the traffic thickened I not only caught up but passed him. At this leg of the race he was outclassed in two ways. My car was a good deal smaller so I could get in and out of tight spots easier. Also I was a little younger and my nature a bit more zealous so I risked a little more than he did. I weaved in and out of traffic like a mad man. And by the time we exited for the Deegan he was behind me.
I will add that he had more to lose by driving more aggressively as his car was six figures and mine was three. However in this instance it can also be said that he was shown up by a hoopti while driving performance unleashed.

The moral of my story?
Its not your business that will hold you back. It is only you who can do that. I don’t care what venture, product, or concept you are involved with. When you don’t do what is needed you will always lose. Sales and recruiting are arenas of focus.
Are you focused?
If you aren’t focused you could give away gold and still go home with the exact amount of units you left your home with.
Do you go the extra mile?
Giving your team that little extra push, those few minutes of your day exactly when needed will fuel your results. Remember winners do more to get more.
Are you risking all you’ve got to get where you want to be?
Nothing is gained when nothing is risked. If you don’t put in the hours, the dollars and risk the rejection you won’t succeed. Bruce Jenner had to work harder to get his gold medal. And his failures were public! And so were his victories. Think about that.

These are simple questions folks. What are your answers.
In everything you do in life from love to sales, to brushing your teeth you only get what you put in. A better toothbrush isn’t the key to cleaner teeth. Brushing three to four times a day for the prescribed amount of time is the key. Same in love. Same in business. The keys are simply. Its in the application that success will be found.


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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