Exclusive Interview #2. Spotlighting Ceddy J of www.Duskspot.com

28 Jul

Exclusive Interview #2. Spotlighting Ceddy J of http://www.Duskspot.com
The second interview in a series highlighting up and coming entrepreneurs and leaders.
Today we interview Ceddy J.

And without further ado:

-Where you from?
Originally From Trenton, NJ and Now Living In Dallas, TX.

I’m currently 25 years of age.

-How did you get in the game?
This all sparked from playing many instruments at a young age along with being on the newspaper staff back in high school. After a college professor recommended I take her voice and diction class, she encouraged me to become a radio personality.

-What made you embrace your position?
As far as event promoting, I went to an event for homecoming at my college, which was real fun until some random lames decided they wanted to have a huge brawl. This lead to not only the event ending early, but also lead to the venue never letting Black people have nothing there again. I told myself that night I was going to become a promoter and have events that weed out fighters. After I threw a “Project X” type of party I was involved with some of the premier events in the Dallas area. After a while, I took the experience I have as a promoter, radio personality, and musician to fuse myself into the DJ that I am today.

-What keeps you in your position?
I’m not afraid to take risks along with not allowing rejection to get in the way of I’m passionate about.

-What are your secrets to success?
I always study trends of the industry, understanding every position so that I can convey exactly what I want done the way I want it.

-What don’t you like in the game?
There are always a lot of sharks who say “it takes money to make money”, but half of them are the exact people always looking for handouts. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!

-What do you like in the game?
The Underground Aspects Of The Industry set the tone for the majors. Like for instance, internet radio shows like mine focused on the upcoming leaders in the entertainment industry. This lead to major radio stations playing more local music and having weekly shows with local artists.

-What would you change in the game?
Stop letting budgets dictate talent. If an artist is GREAT, let’s find them some investments so that we have quality.

-If I gave you a milli what or whom would
you invest in?
With a milli, I’m investing in starting foundation to help small businesses get their feet off the ground through strong planning and executing.

-What sets you apart from the game?
I understand the basics of the game and then play by my rules and feed off of suggestions to keep myself well-rounded.

-What are your thoughts on 360 deals?
360 are worth it depending on how much a label is willing to invest into its artist, especially when it comes to marketing.

-What made you love hip hop?
My appreciation for multiple genres helped me love hip hop. Its a genre of music that has sparked a huge culture that is always evolving over time.

-Who is your fav rapper/lyricist?
Phonte because this dude is the full package that the industry has been blessed with. He always delivers when he says he has another great project coming out.

-Best person to ever play your position?
Ricky Smiley, because a personality he is not afraid to be himself show after show.

-Best rapper alive?
If we want to talk revenue and talent, hands down Jay-Z.

-Advice for my readers?
I have a coinphrase I say at the end of every show, which is “Where There’s A J, Or A U(You) There’s A Way!” I live by this everyday and encourage my listeners to always go after what they want the best way they can with as many ways possible.

-Your definition of success?
Success is being able to realize that you set the tone through how confident and knowledgeable you are in your position.

-Any projects you’d like to promo?
My social network for upcoming stars in music and modeling called DuskSpot.com which is dedicated to playing an direct role in its members’ careers. I also would like to promote my partner in crime, DJ P Bucc, because without his continued support and direct involvement with all of my projects I would almost give up.


5 Responses to “Exclusive Interview #2. Spotlighting Ceddy J of www.Duskspot.com”

  1. kingbraswell July 29, 2012 at 2:28 am #

    Good Interview Ceddy J! You have been keeping secrets, didnt know all that. LOL! http://www.blackconvo.com

    • Junie Dorsey August 13, 2012 at 12:55 am #

      I love reading your responses, their so original đŸ™‚

      • Junie Dorsey August 13, 2012 at 12:55 am #

        *they’re lol

      • changeinadvance August 13, 2012 at 1:33 am #

        Thank you. My team, my friends, my associates- all aim to reach the top. And stay there by giving only the BEST!

  2. Ceddy J Collier August 13, 2012 at 2:03 am #

    Thank you everyone for the love. King yes I’m more than meets the eye lol. Junie thank you, there can only be one Ceddy J, well original one that is.

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