NSI (Never Stop Improving)

30 Sep

So many of you noticed I haven’t posted for a few days. And many also noticed that my last article wasn’t finance or entrepreneurial based. Heck it had no place in this blog by most standards. However it was a step, a big step actually. You see I wrote that article for a separate site. And my reasons were threefold.

-To express myself.
-To hone my craft.
-To make a modest or marvelous writing career materialize.
Ill break it down real quick.

-To express myself.
I’m sure my mother would say I always wanted to talk lol. She tells stories of me being young and talking to anyone and everyone. From being on the train coming from brooklyn @ 2 years old talking to drunks, to speaking with prostitutes and anyone who would listen- I’ve always spoke. And about as far back as I can remember writing I remember being a poet as well. Now as time has progressed so has my skill and subject matter. Far from being a master, I’m simply a novice who knows such. I’m barely trained in the classical sense but find that to be a trivial if not irrelevant matter. In the day and age of computers and the advent of blogging I find that will to create and share in an honest fashion will triumph.

That being said, I just say what I want. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and sold stickers in elementary school. So naturally my first blog was focused on success and entrepreneurial growth. And now my extra efforts are being set aside to focus on my other loves and perhaps a good bit of exposure.

-To hone my craft.
To do anything is to do it well or you’re wasting time. I write because it pleases me. And as I grow older I’ve also decided to write for gain. If not cash gain at least respect. I’ve decided that I won’t do anything unless I do it all right. There is a fine line between just putting out words and speaking truth with a masters touch. Now I’m not a master but I look forward simply towards its journey.

-To make a modest or marvelous writing career materialize.
As long as I’ve been able to write I’ve written for more than school. Poetry, rap lyrics, papers that weren’t required. It never mattered. I’ve written and written. And as an adult I’ve realized I want it to be a career. I may not win a pulitzer etc etc- but I will follow through on my dream. This month and the next I have features and columns coming out in 3 different venues not my own. I’m also doing much of this for free. Why you ask? Simply for the love of my craft. I will write until I’m dead and that being so I will attempt to make a career of it. Nothing in this life is good unless you make it such. And so I shall.


“There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination & wonder.” -Ronald Reagan

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