Quick Lessons I Learned Bouncing a VIP Party Last Night

28 Oct

Quick Lessons I Learned Bouncing a VIP Party Last Night.

So I worked a party in Brooklyn on my birthday. And it was interesting to say the least. The venue was pretty sweet and the music was great. I’m going to list a few things that did and didn’t work for you.

-Location, location, location.
This place was great. It had parking, easy to reach from the highways and so forth. I came from a different borough and still got there real quick. The venue itself was rooftop and had amazing views of the skyline. From the security standpoint it was easily defensible and controllable which I appreciated. These things created optimal conditions. Any realtor will tell you location beats all.
What business is McDonald’s in?
Not burgers folks.
Not even selling proven systems.
Real estate. McDonald’s has surpassed even the Catholic church as the largest land owner in the world. They buy prime locations and resell/lease them. Where you sell, market, or recruit is more important than many people realize.

-Planning and Execution
The event had all the trimmings. There was music, lighting, dj equipment, amps et al. They had staff and security. However there was poor execution. A good few items were not found or simply not brought. This impeded order and profitability. Simply planning for an event or business move isn’t enough. Its the execution and follow through that make you successful.

A lack of funding killed the VIP section at the party. And it would have added some 30% to the take. Aka the profits. It was to be a heated tent at the highest point of the rooftop party with bottle service and more. However the budget fell to pieces. Secure funding for your entire plan asap. Don’t assume things will work; assume they won’t. To have adequate funding 3 weeks prior to the date of an event is key. All along you should have also been making deposits and such but you need cash on hand and cash for emergencies. Set the bar higher.

-Team Unity.
One great asset was that my partner and I were of one accord. No matter who was there and what happened we had each others’ back. We weren’t worried about our safety so much because we knew someone had an eye open. Your team has to be a cohesive unit. It has to be well coordinated, well funded and well led. It also requires they be on the same page. They have to know what is expected and also want to work together. A united team is like a rope made of multiple strands- it has greater strength than any single strand.

-Funding comes before fun.
Birthday or not I have a commitment and a family to provide for. While there are just the two of us it is still a focus of mine to bring in more. And with Sandy approaching it worked out well as I bought supplies and had extra cash on hand.
Also as an entrepreneur I need additional funding to procure the necessities of any good start-up. Advertising, internet, incorporation costs- all require funding. And as such it behooved me to put aside 10 hours on my birthday. This little sacrifice has led to more contacts and more work. It also has provided me with a greater network. And as I mentioned, the cash was pretty cool too.

Priorities people. They can shift but require you know what needs to get done. Small sacrifices will build bridges to great freedom.


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