9 Nov


Today I’m keeping it short.
Mindset is the name of the game. Life is mindset. If you perceive yourself as a loser- U ARE. If you see a winner in the Mirror- the Winner is YOU. There’s isn’t much to think about. You see self perception is everything. To see the leader you are is more effective than to train to lead. The most qualified guy on paper is usually the least skilled. Not always true I concede but who you are on paper- as in certifications and education- doesn’t hold a candle to who you are in the field.
The guy who leads the team to victory is the king. He paid the cost. Leading is acting.

And from here I reference my title-
Simple. Eloquent. Factual.
Checkers has strategy. It requires skills, tactical motion, and patience.
Chess however multiplies all those efforts exponentially. The pieces have greater variety in motion and more skills sets. Indeed some attack in pairs. It is quite literally war. The troops advance. They close ranks. The king runs. Indeed even your queen who runs the gamut can be reduced to kindle within 5 moves!
What do you do? PLaY CHeSS. Skip the checkers. Every move in each endeavor you embark on requires you think 5 steps ahead. Every action sets its own reaction. You don’t anticipate the clients wants you dictate them. Gretzky adhered to this. He said go where you want the puck not where its going. Remember that guy; jobs? Yeah Steve. He ascribed to Gretzky’s philosophy. Two great innovators and champions in the arenas they chose almost inherently knew you had to control the game. You had to make moves. Indeed you don’t play. It isn’t a game.
And neither is your business. You have to know the moves.
Anticipate the factors.
If you can’t see what’s coming down the pike you are failing already.
Every entrepreneur is playing Chess.
Checkers is for employees.
See the difference- its so simple its astounding. When you run a business you prepare. And when your plan fails you are ahead anyway. Business requires leadership. You are on the offensive. I’ll tell you one thing I learned playing chess. The guy on the defensive- He lost already. The offensive player is winning. He’s dictating terms. He runs the board. He controls the game and the flow. In your business are your creditors dictating your income aka achievement levels or are you? You must always play the game on your terms. Not to say there aren’t setbacks. Heck, I have had them all along my journey. Yet the push from failure set my troops loose with a greater tenacity to dictate the terms of the surrender. War has casualties. And as such. Treat my business with the same mentality.
And from there, there is one choice only:
Live or die. I won’t die. I won’t quit. I will succeed. I will triumph. At the very least my enemy will have a Pyrrhic victory.
Such catastrophic losses so as to preclude a victory. Chess. Not checkers. Victory. Not losing. Plan every angle. Be ready for set backs. Anticipate your opponents moves, aka the consumer or competition. And don’t forget to leave room for your own margin of error. We all drop the ball. But the entrepreneur who plans ahead wins. Have a business plan. Have a mentor who knows the game. See where you need to go- and Crush the competition.


“He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.”
-Aeschylus (via Robert F. Kennedy)

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